A column by Dennis Prager in the April 16, 2007 issue of The Washington Times National Weekly Edition merits comment and elaboration. It was entitled “The Declining Greatness of Great Britain.” After noting that the British people once ruled an empire so mighty and expansive that “the sun never set on the British Empire,” Mr. Prager focuses on the recent British reaction to the kidnapping of British sailors and marines by the Iranian Navy. He notes that Iran acted like a “feared power” while the once-mighty British acted like a mere “supplicant.” Mr. Prager concludes his column with a warning that the rejection of its own heritage and culture by its governing elites is leading the USA down the same path of decline that Great Britain has followed.
Everything about the British reaction reeked of military incompetence and a lack of resolve. Why didn’t the British warship which launched the small craft with British personnel have an armed helicopter in the air to defend them? Why didn’t Britain react to what was obviously an act of war by Iran with an act of war of its own against the Iranians? When Great Britain was really “Great,” it would have reacted much differently. Instead of the foppishly weak response by Prime Minister Blair, Winston Churchill would have fired off an immediate attack upon the Iranians. In more recent history, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher responded to an Argentinean act of war (seizing the Falklands) by ordering a powerful military response. She exhibited the sterner stuff which used to characterize the British by retaking the Falkland Islands, sinking Argentinean ships and mobilizing British forces to “get the job done.” In contrast, the government of Tony Blair came across as doing little more than cowering in a closet.
Iran obviously tested the British to see if they had any resolve to resist Iranian aggression in the future. It is the British forces which are currently securing the southern “Shiite” region of Iraq which has oil riches desired by Iran. Iran likely used this kidnapping to see if Britain could be “pushed around.” Iran learned that where they should have had a backbone, the British had mere mush. Iran has been greatly emboldened by Britain’s “weakling” response. Tony Blair could have had British naval vessels at least launch a cruise missile at high-value Iranian targets (perhaps one missile for each kidnapped British sailor or marine ). Britain did nothing but wring its hands in helplessness. The spirit of Neville Chamberlain seems to have permeated the entire British government.
The devolution of more autonomy to Scotland further confirms the unraveling of whatever remains of British power. Can an independent Scotland and Wales be many years off? Media articles have reported that the British Navy will soon need to replace it’s submarine-based nuclear missiles and some in the governing Labour Party opposed even bothering to do so. The great British Empire has been reduced to a mere shadow of its former self. Great Britain and European NATO nations have neglected their militaries for many years because they relied on the USA to protect them.  As other blog postings have noted, the USA’s military has been greatly reduced in size and what is left has been worn out and overstretched by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Israeli government of Ehud Olmert has been issued a stinging rebuke by an Israeli Commission which found that Olmert’s government was essentially incompetent in conducting last year’s unsuccessful war against Hezbollah. Everywhere, the stench of weakness and lack of resolve is emanating from the Western World’s nations. Unless the Western World’s nations recover their fighting spirit and resolve, they are in a steady and accelerating state of decline on the world scene. Radical Islamic nations smell the weakness of the West like sharks smell blood in the water. Russia and China can see the weak-willed leadership in the West as well. Appeasement invites attacks and invasions; it does not bring peace.
Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia, China, Iran and other nations will eventually launch a global surprise attack against the nations of the Western World. That prophecy indicates the attack would probably succeed if it were not for the Divine intervention which will defeat the invading Eastern powers and climax this current age of mankind on earth. The “new age” will be the millennial government of Jesus Christ and his Saints (Revelation 2:26-27, 20:1-5). Daniel 2:44 and Zechariah 14:1-5 are companion prophecies to those cited from the book of Revelation. I share the Christian conviction and faith that Jesus Christ will fulfill all the Old Testament prophecies about the Conquering Messiah. World events indicate the climax of our age may not be that many years away.
The greater the continued weakness of the Western powers on the world scene,  the more it hastens the fulfillment of the Ezekiel 38’s prophesied attack upon the West (the modern nations of the house of Israel–the so-called “lost” ten tribes of Israel who were prophesied (in Hosea 1:10) to be vastly increased in population and power after they were sent into exile from the old Promised Land about 27 centuries ago. If any reader doubts this assertion, you can see abundant evidence to support it in this author’s books at the book links at this website.

Steven Collins
May 14, 2007