In Matthew 24:6, Jesus Christ prophesied that one of the factors that would characterize the imminence of his Second Coming would be “pestilences” on the earth. Religious analysts have commonly linked Revelation 6:8’s “pale horse” of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” with pestilences and plagues (with paleness being a common symptom of severe illnesses).  The coronavirus, spreading very rapidly in China and to many other nations as well due to human travel, is looking more like it may become just such a pestilence as prophesied in the Bible. This appears to have the potential to be far worse than swine flu, SARS and other illnesses that became limited pandemics. Even the dreaded Ebola virus has not become a globe-girdling pandemic, as it tends to kill its victims so quickly that it “burns out” locally if reasonable actions are taken by the world community to prevent its spread. The coronavirus appears to be something new and unusually deadly. This post will explain why even mainstream world media sources are warning this may become the global pandemic that many have feared might occur.

As I write this, the “official” totals from China admit to between 800 and 900 deaths and approximately 37,000 infected in China alone. The world community increasingly is making the case that China’s official totals radically understate the number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus. The first link, an article from the New York Times, cites the well-known Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as saying; “It almost certainly is going to be a pandemic.” That article also cites “various epidemiological models” as calculating the number of infections at 100,000, and that was as of February 3rd. The virus has had another week to spread and infect many more thousands of people since then. The second link, from the USA Today, offers background information on the coronavirus, but I have included it for one salient statement: “Experts believe there are far more global cases than publicly reported. Researchers from the University of Hong Kong last week estimated 75,815 had been infected as of January 25th and projected the epidemic would double every 6.4 days (emphasis added).” Let’s do some quick math based on those expert estimates. If 75,815 were infected on January 25th, that means there have been over two weeks since that date for it to spread, If it doubles every 6.4 days, it would have infected roughly 150,000 by January 31, and 300,000 by February 6. Calculating forward would result in 600,000 infections by February 12th, and 1.2 million by February 18th. You can see how quickly this could spread. The third link reports a Chinese whistleblower, a nurse, stating that 90,000 had been infected in China by the time of a January 26th article.

Where did this coronavirus originate? When I first heard of it, I thought it might be an animal to human transmission from the pandemic that was already raging among China’s pig population. Then others have speculated that it came from bats, wild meats, pangolins, etc. I think these sources are not the real cause. The fourth link cites an Israeli source as warning the coronavirus may have begun spreading from the Chinese bio-hazard facility located in Wuhan, China–the epicenter of the outbreak. According to a Times of India report in the fifth link, a leak from a Chinese source, Tencent, reported that 25,000 had died from coronavirus as of February 1st with the infection total up to 154,000. This information is echoed in the sixth link, which also notes that this figure is remarkably close to the projected infection totals estimated scientifically and discussed above in the second link.

The seventh link offers a scientific analysis which indicates that the coronavirus is, indeed, a bioweapon developed by the Chinese bio-hazard laboratory located in Wuhan, China. It offers convincing evidence that the Chinese developed this virus as a weapon to be used against China’s enemies. It is my thought that either the weaponized coronavirus escaped via some accidental vector from the bio-hazard lab, or it was intentionally (and foolishly) “field-tested” against a local population to determine its virulence–and escaped the boundaries of that test. This link details particular concerns in the nation of India about this Chinese virus. If the coronavirus was developed by Chinese scientists as a bioweapon that could easily be spread into civilian populations of enemy nations, there may be some divine justice in it affecting so hard the nation of China first. It is capable of rapid spread, as it has infected people in over 30 nations the last I had read. Other nations are evacuating their nationals from China via airplanes and then quarantining the passengers for 14 days–the determined incubation period of the disease. The coronavirus has also spread to people on cruise ships, whose pleasure trips have turned into nightmares as passengers are not allowed off their ships in ports.

The seventh link includes explosive evidence that is presented scientifically. It makes the case that the coronavirus is a man-made virus and that it was developed in the Chinese bio-hazard facility in Wuhan, China. I urge you to examine the evidence in that link. Notice the statement that “segments of the [corona]virus’s RNA…appear closer to HIV. The virus even responds to treatment by HIV medications.” This argues that the coronavirus is a blend of a known coronavirus strain joined to segments of the HIV virus in a bio-weapons lab. Before you dismiss this claim as being alarmist, I urge you to re-read the first link from the New York Times, which also mentions that the Chinese coronavirus is being treated by combinations of drugs used to treat HIV infections. That an establishment media source like the NYT also acknowledges the coronavirus is being treated as a coronavirus/HIV hybrid virus strongly argues the information in the seventh link is true.

The coronavirus also has the potential to destroy economies as quarantines are used to keep people from meeting together at jobs, factories, etc. for a long enough time to stop further transmissions. China has already quarantined cities totaling circa 50,000,000 people or more, and more such quarantines are possible. The eighth link offers a look at Wuhan’s nearly vacant streets as life has shut down in this city of approximately 11,000,000. Imagine the global economic effects this will have if many more cities have to take similar shut-downs of economic life in their regions to stop the spread of the virus. In the modern retailing world that features “just in time deliveries,” there isn’t a large surplus of goods stored in huge warehouses. If many factories are shut-down for extended periods in China due to the coronavirus, many retail shelves will soon be emptied of the goods that ordinarily would have come from the shuttered factories.

There is another factor that now has to be faced. It has now been reliably revealed that China has been working to develop bioweapons that will kill off the populations of nations it regards as enemies. Those threatened nations will now redouble their efforts to develop new bio-weapons and/or copy the coronavirus for use against China in any future war. Such bioweapons could be delivered via warplanes, missiles or drones in any future war. Perhaps one good thing will come from China experiencing the effects of a bioweapon amidst its population. A kind of “Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)” may develop among the major nations of the world regarding bioweapons akin to the same situation that prevented a nuclear war between the USA and the USSR during the Cold War. It is a grim reality that now the world knows that China is developing such weapons, every nation that could be a rival to China has to develop and be ready to deploy similar such weapons vs. China in any future war as it seems certain China will use them.

How many more people will be infected around the world from the coronavirus spreading, potentially, everywhere? No one knows. However, as a glimpse into how bad things really are in China, I heard a report on the Shannon Bream program on Fox News that their network was receiving reports of mass graves being dug to dispose of corpses in China because the death totals are so much higher than what is acknowledged officially by the Communist Chinese regime. In doing a web search, I found the ninth link which reports this to be the case, but I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the report. What we do know is that China has a very strong interest in hiding the extent of this plague from not only the world but also its own people.

Is the coronavirus a biblical “pestilence?” It certainly has the potential to become one as it could spread around the globe as the Spanish flu virus did in 1918. It may take a coordinated shut-down of the global economy to stop it from globally spreading everywhere. It can spread easily in airplanes where there are closed environmental systems where the air is recirculated for all occupants of the airplane to breathe. If one passenger (or crew member) has the disease, all on the plane will be exposed to it. The situation may require drastic measures to stop the spread of the disease. If the incubation period of the disease is 14 days, it may take a global shut-down of all transportation systems to prevent further spread of the coronavirus to ever wider numbers of people. This would lead to the rationing of food and other necessities if all normal deliveries are stopped for 14 days. We can hope such drastic action will not be required, but the very realistic chance that it may happen should give everyone warning to stock up on essentials to last at least 14 days just if you are required to “shelter in place” for that long. Some balanced biblical advice regarding such preparation measures are found in my free article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times? The advice in that article applies equally to non-Christians as well.

If you need evidence that we are living in the biblical latter-day period of time when “pestilences” will occur, I urge you to read my free article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? In that article, you will see abundant evidence that we are living in that prophesied time.