Are you ready for the appearance in 2013 of what may be “one of the brightest [comets] in history.” It is expected to be at its brightest in November 2013 and continuing in impressive illumination into early 2014. The first three links give astronomers’ expectations about the expected extreme brightness of this comet. Indeed, it may be the brightest comet seen by mankind since 1680, and it “may become as bright as the full moon and even be visible during the day.” These three links essentially report the same facts, but I’ve included them as mutually supportive evidence about this comet. The first link is from the very well-respected National Geographic website while the second link has a more apocalyptic sound to its link title. The second link has many links to “earth changes” categories which some readers may find of continuing interest. The third link is from a story done about this comet by a TV station in my own local media market, which confirms that some local TV stations are already informing their local viewerships about this possibly-incredible celestial event.
It should be noted; however, that comets sometimes appear with much less brightness than astronomers expect. Therefore, we’ll have to wait and see if the expectations for this comet actually are borne out, as these links also note. I recall the last time Halley’s comet appeared it was a huge disappointment and was hard to see at all.
What if this comet does turn out to be one of the brightest ever seen by mankind? Does this have prophetic meaning for mankind? Genesis 1:14 states that when God made the sun, moon and stars that he made them “for signs and for seasons” (RSV). Mankind has followed the cycles of heavenly objects for seasonal planting guidance since ancient times and has followed the solstices and equinoxes for both harvest guidance and for festival-scheduling. Comets, which appear to mankind as “wandering stars,” have sometimes (but not always) coincided with major events and historic changes in the nations. The fourth link offers information about linkages between major comets and important world events in mankind’s history. These world events are presented in a biblical context and the appearance of bright comets sometimes do coincide with major world events on earth and sometimes they appear as harbingers of events that are about to occur. For balance, it should be noted that some comets pass into and out of sight with no apparent connection to anything happening on earth at all.
However, we are now living in the biblically-prophesied “latter days” when the arrival of a major comet signifying (or accompanying) a major prophesied global event would be particularly appropriate and timely. The next major prophesied events to occur in the latter day sequence of events (according to my understanding) would be the collapse of the current economic/monetary/political system called “Babylon the Great” and its replacement with the new global “beast” system (Revelation 17-18) and the arrival of God’s Two Witnesses (Revelation 11). Will any or all of these prophesied events occur during or soon after the appearance of this comet? Revelation 6:12-17 foretell that the Creator God will cause major signs in the sun, moon and stars to occur just prior to the return of Jesus Christ (the language of the prophecy suggests a solar and lunar eclipse accompanied or followed by a major meteor shower hitting the earth). The appearance of major comets would be very consistent with the prophecy about “signs in the heavens” occurring near the end of the latter days of our age.
Maybe this comet will meet or even exceed astronomers’ expectations and will herald biblically-prophesied events or perhaps this comet will be a “dud” signifying nothing. We will have to wait and see what happens. This post is to inform readers about this expected major celestial event if they were not already aware of its coming in 2013.