Many Americans are familiar with the use of drones by the military and CIA in foreign wartime actions. However, many are not aware that the US government has plans to blanket the skies with surveillance drones which could monitor all US citizens in all kinds of circumstances. The Washington Times issued an article reporting on the progress of the effort to incorporate drones into US airspaces all over the nation. The article reports that the drone-making industry is pushing for haste in getting this implemented, but the FAA is encountering delays because of concerns about “privacy issues” involving the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. How quaint! A federal agency that actually cares about the US Constitution! Obviously all drone surveillance of US citizens without a specific warrant citing likely criminal activity would violate the Fourth Amendment. This article is available at the first link, but the website charges a fee for accessing it.
There are also obvious safety issues to consider. There could be a spate of fatal accidents if unmanned drones are colliding with helicopters and passenger aircraft in US skies. If that happened, it would turn public opinion firmly against their use at all. Some drones are large, but others are, as the article notes, as small as houseflies and these tiny drones would seem to have little use except for spying on people.
The article cites some very valid usages where drones could be of great help in media, agricultural and real estate issues. Good uses for drones would include chasing fleeing criminals, crop monitoring, searching for lost hikers in wilderness areas, looking for stranded motorists in blizzards, etc. I’m sure cities could use drones to photograph their tax jurisdictions to look for properties with new swimming pools, outbuildings, etc. which would boost a property’s taxable value. This is already being done by manned aircraft, but drones could likely do this job far cheaper.
So, drones deployed over US skies could have valuable applications. However, this could also eventually lead to widespread surveillance of all US citizens and territories and that could finally lead to widespread efforts to control people as well. The second link shows that the US public is evenly divided on their opinions on the use of drones. By a 44-36% margin, Americans barely support the use of drones by police departments. Count me among the 44% as long as police departments deploy such drones in ways that respect the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. Americans are evenly divided on the issue of privacy concerns about the use of such drones.
Revelation 13:11-18 prophesies an eventual global “beast” system will be able to monitor and control the financial transactions of all global populations. Given that prophecy, it is also logical to project that control freaks in the global beast system will also want to have constant surveillance of their populations as well. The widespread use of drones all over US skies will make the beast’s efforts to control the globe’s people easier whenever that time comes.
However, the prophesied beast system is not planning on a power greater than its own being present on the earth when it comes to power. Revelation 11 prophesies God will send two super-powerful prophets who will speak for him to plead with the nations to repent of their sins, and these prophets will be delegated Divine powers to control the weather, transmute elements, and “smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will.” In other words, they will likely be the most powerful prophets ever sent by God on the earth. Their power will be able to crush that of the beast system during their ministry. Very predictably, efforts will be made to kill them by the beast system’s agents and armies, but it is the beast’s agents and armies who will be annihilated by the Two Witnesses (Revelation 11:5). A forerunner of this type of power was manifested in the lives of Elijah and Elisha who both called for multiyear droughts (1 Kings 17:1 and 2 Kings 8:1). In 2 Kings 1, a king of Israel imperiously sent detachments of soldiers to capture Elijah and bring him in custody to the king. Elijah massacred the first two detachments of fifty soldiers each with Divine power when they approached him haughtily. The third detachment of fifty soldiers approached him very humbly and Elijah spared them and went with them voluntarily. Expect similar outcomes when the beast system tries to deal with the Two Witnesses. The Bible has a lot to say about these two end-time prophets that have not yet appeared on the global scene. To read much more about them, I invite you to read my article, The Two Witnesses.