There is a growing threat at the American southern border which could affect all 50 states in the foreseeable future. Illegal immigrants coming across America’s open southern border are no longer coming just from Latin American nations. A rapid rise in Chinese immigrants is now occurring. Indeed, the first link states that officials have seen a “900% increase” in the number of encounters with Chinese people crossing the border illegally in “record numbers.” The link cites drug rings as paying $35,000 to insert Chinese agents into America, and identifies Ecuador as an important transit nation in this illegal entry of Chinese into the USA. The second link reports that the increase in Chinese illegal immigrants crossing the border has gone up 920% since 2022, and adds that “91%” of the Chinese apprehended are single adults. In other words, these illegal Chinese immigrants are not families coming to America for a better life. They are single adults which means that most of these Chinese illegals are of prime military age.

The third link, from Newsweek, openly asks the obvious question: “Is China sneaking military personnel into the U.S. via border?” It affirms the dominant presence of “military age” Chinese crossing our southern border. Amazingly, it reports “many” of them have “known ties” to China’s Communist Party and the Chinese military. It includes a mention of the Chinese spy balloon that the Biden administration allowed to cross the entire length of the USA from Alaska in the West to the Eastern states where it was, finally, shot down and its debris landed in the Atlantic Ocean. The Federal government is charged with the responsibility of protecting US national security. Why did the Biden administration allow a Chinese spy balloon with large electronic arrays to “listen” to the electronic emissions present on vital US military bases? Why wasn’t it shot down over unpopulated areas of Alaska or Montana? With that backdrop, is the Biden administration also releasing Chinese military-age adults into the USA when they have “known ties” to Communist China’s military forces? The third link also asserts that “5.4 million Chinese nationals” are already inside the USA! That number shocks me! I wouldn’t have dreamed it could be that high. It might be the number of all people of Chinese ancestry inside the USA; however, the link does state that is the number of Chinese “nationals” inside the USA, which would mean it is the number of Communist China’s citizens inside the USA.

I wonder how many of these Chinese nationals or illegals entering the USA have “ties” to the Chinese military or its spy agencies. Many such Chinese nationals could easily be students, businessmen, diplomats, etc. who are also tasked by China to be corporate or national spies.

The fourth link includes analysis that “Chinese saboteurs are coming to America,” and “There is now a Chinese invasion of the U.S. homeland.” Oddly, the analysis gives readers the impression many illegal Chinese immigrants are children. However, the combined information in the first three links reported that there were very few children among the illegal Chinese immigrants–that 91% were military-age adults. It estimates that 5,000-10,000 Chinese military “fighters” are already in the USA. If 5.4 million Chinese are already in the USA, I would suggest that the number of infiltrated saboteurs and sleeper cell agents could be far higher that a mere 5,000-10,000. The link reports that “despite the military links” of some of the illegal Chinese immigrants, they “have been released into America.”  What? Such an action is so nonsensical that it begs the question: Has China put some of its agents inside the Biden administration to make decisions which will help China place its infiltrators inside the USA? This is a danger Congress should investigate. The link also states: “The next war in Asia will almost certainly be fought on U.S, soil…unsuspecting Americans will be in the fight.” The link also cites a book I have cited in blogs over the years: Unrestricted Warfare by Communist Chinese Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. This book details the many devious and asymmetric ways that Communist China intends to weaken the USA from within before China openly makes war against the USA. Infiltrating many Chinese military soldiers into the USA in the guise of civilians is entirely consistent with the tactics described in this Chinese book on how China can defeat the USA. It was originally written in 1999 in the Chinese language and translated into English in 2002 by Pan American Publishing Company. I urge readers obtain a copy and read it. It will anger you as you will see how many current trends in American society are falling right into Chinese hands…and may even be orchestrated by China.

The fifth link is a report from a member of the US House of Representatives on the subject of China’s role in infiltrating illegal fentanyl into the USA where this highly toxic and lethal drug is killing many tens of thousands of Americans every year. Reportedly, the US government has raised the issue to China as the ingredients for this wave of illegal fentanyl originate with China. So far, China seems to be ignoring the Biden administration’s weak protestations.

Unknown to most Americans is the fact that China has imposed obligations on all Chinese corporations and citizens abroad to cooperate with Chinese intelligence efforts when called upon to do so as part of serving their “Motherland.” The sixth link and seventh link detail this dictate by China’s government, but it seems that even foreign corporations are being told to cooperate with Chinese officialdom. This is worrisome as US Big Tech companies (and other businesses) are awfully close to China in joint ventures in all kinds of high-tech applications. It does beg the question: As US corporations develop and deploy AI applications, how many of those applications will actually be serving Chinese interests in a sub rosa capacity.

America is in deep trouble. Our enemies in Russia, China, Iran, etc. are led by vigorous leaders in their prime. America is led by a feeble-appearing old man who often has trouble forming sentences and sometimes doesn’t appear to know which way to walk off a stage until some aide comes to his rescue. I’m sure many of you have seen media coverage of President Biden’s “gaffes,” falls, and “word salad” comments. America desperately needs a vigorous, pro-American president.

As the Chinese book cited above confirms, China has already made defeating the USA in a war a national priority for China. It is doing everything to weaken America from within so the nation falls into China’s hands like ripe fruit. Thankfully, there is a biblical prophecy which indicates that won’t happen, and that China and Russia will have to invade to conquer America. My free research report, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III, goes into great depth on what that (and many other prophecies) reveal about the final age-ending global war that will end when Jesus Christ returns at the head of his invincible heavenly armies. By the time the fighting nations kill off large numbers of each other’s populations and by the time Jesus Christ’s heavenly army annihilates the armies that oppose his return (Revelation 19:11-20:4), there will be billions of people killed and not many will be left alive. That is the very sobering message that biblical prophecy has for us, but the good news is that Jesus Christ’s intervention will occur in time to prevent the extermination of “all flesh” on earth (Matthew 24:21-22). Ezekiel 39:2 even prophesies concerning the casualty rates of the Russian-Chinese-Iranian-led alliance that only 1/6th of their numbers will survive to live into the Millennium/Messianic Age. Ezekiel 39:11-12 foretells that the dead bodies will be everywhere, and that work details will work full-time at burying the dead for seven months in the lands of the latter-day nations of “the house of Israel.” That language identifies the modern descendants of the so-called “lost” ten tribes of Israel, not the Israeli Jews. “Judah” is the biblical term for the Jews in the latter days, and that term is not found anywhere in Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy. The Israelis will be involved in World War III also, but their role and fate is found in Zechariah 14, not the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39. The modern ten tribes of Israel can be identified in the modern world, using both secular historical records and biblical narratives and prophecies. They are found in the nations of NATO and the overall Western world. My books at my homepage,, contain exhaustive evidence on these identifications. You can get a synopsis of the books’ content via my free article, The United States of America in Biblical ProphecyMuch important evidence re: the tribes of Israel in the latter days is found in my books, and you may order them at my homepage if you wish.