[The content of this post was modified on June 27th as the second link cited in its first wording has been at least temporarily scrubbed from the Internet. I’ve left the inactive second link in the list of cited links at the end of this post in the event it again becomes active and available to readers. However, I’ve included new links to document what was in the “scrubbed” second link.]

Well, the polls and “experts” were all wrong! In spite of the demands of the entire global elite establishment that British voters stay in the EU and in spite of the election-eve polls showing the “Remain” side would win by a fairly comfortable margin, the British voters did the exact opposite and voted to “Leave” the EU by a comfortable 52-48% margin. The “Remain” outcome was so important to the global elites that even US President Obama had flown to the UK to appear in a joint appearance with British PM Cameron wherein Obama essentially threatened the British voters that they would go to the “back of the queue” if they voted to leave the EU. The British voters rejected the demands of their own government, the global elites, the EU bureaucrats, President Obama and everyone else who demanded they stay in the EU.

There is no need to inform readers of the details of the vote and many of its ramifications as the global press is covering this in great detail. I’ll focus on details mostly omitted in our American press and comment on some biblical prophetic trends that have now been set in motion. Be prepared for some surprising revelations as you read this post’s content. I was glued to my TV set watching the British election returns on the Fox Business cable-TV channel, which had excellent coverage as they had teamed with Sky News to give US viewers access to the live British election coverage. This coverage was far more informative than the rest of the American media’s coverage. I learned that the British decision to leave the EU, in spite of the obvious political and economic pain that would result, was far more understandable than most realize. I learned that approximately 50% of all new regulations implemented in the UK in the last year were imposed not by the British Parliament, but by unelected and unaccountable EU bureaucrats. Indeed, some EU regulations were/are so invasive as to be bizarre. The first link reports that the EU was about to impose new regulations taking away the traditional teapots, hair-dryers, toasters and other appliances of the British nation in order to please the tyrannical whims of EU bureaucrats in Brussels. How would Americans feel if some foreign supranational entity imposed such micro-managing regulations upon Americans? Americans would reject such impositions in a heartbeat. It gets worse. The first wording of this post cited a second link reporting that the EU tyrants had a plan to divide England up into nine administrative districts and essentially destroy the British nation forever, even merging some British districts with French districts as they also planned to dismember France. This plan was apparently a harbinger of what EU bureaucrats wanted to do all over Europe to destroy all national boundaries and wreck all sense of nationalism in Europe’s populations. To replace the content of the scrubbed second link, I’ve included a new third link, fourth link, fifth link and sixth link to document that the EU has had plans to dismember England and France for at least a decade. These new links report the EU has had plans to dismember England and France dating to 2006-2011 and these EU plans were cited as being pushed by Germany. In light of the information in these links, the EU project begins to look like a “hostile takeover” of the entire European continent by shadowy forces backing the EU actions.

I have a question about the EU’s apparent plan to dismember and destroy the British and French nations. If the EU had succeeded in destroying the UK as a nation (and France as well), who would have inherited control over the sizeable British and French arsenals of nuclear weapons? The apparent answer is: The EU! And who dominates the EU: Germany! Perhaps one purpose of the German-dominated EU project was to eventually create a new reality which would allow Germany to seize control of the British and French nuclear arsenals. Was there any EU plan to dismember Germany? Apparently not. Think I’m being alarmist? Please read the seventh link and eighth link. These links detail German plans to use the EU to merge the Dutch and Czech militaries into the German military and Germany’s plan to create a new EU army and military force soon after the British Brexit vote–which Germany thought would result in the UK staying in the EU and, therefore, within the reach of German-controlled EU bureaucrats. I think we can all be sure that Germany would dominate any planned EU military forces. If the British had not voted to leave the EU, would all of Europe eventually have been calling German Chancellor Merkel “Madame Fuhrer” before too long? I think many readers are familiar with the term “The United States of Europe” which many envisioned the EU would morph into at a future date. Given the tyrannical micromanaging regulations imposed by EU bureaucrats and the apparent planned dismemberment of Europe’s only nuclear powers (the UK and France), the EU’s secret purpose seems less like a United States of Europe and more like a new Fourth Reich. If the EU plans for the dismemberment of the UK and France had ever been implemented, it would have essentially reversed the outcome of World War II.

I’ll add a very ominous observation about some grim possibilities. World War II was most costly for two nationalities/racial groups: the Jews and the Russians. The Nazis especially wanted to destroy both groups. Lately, Israeli Prime Minister and Russian Prime Minister Putin have been meeting more often and an Israeli-Russian entente has developed in the Mideast as Israel increasingly distances itself from a hostile Obama administration. Obama and Hillary Clinton, American establishment elitists, were for the UK staying in the EU. I’ll bet both the FSB (Russia’s successor to the KGB) and the Mossad are watching very closely what is going on behind closed doors in EU offices, European capitals, etc. Are the FSB and the Mossad, remembering World War II’s costs for Russians and Jews, “comparing notes” to monitor any threats of the EU morphing into a future Fourth Reich? Russia has been very aggressive lately sending its bombers on missions taking them very close to British and American shores and also along the Baltic Sea region. I wonder if those Russian planes have new sensitive “side-scan” sensors to monitor the location of nuclear weapons. Russia may be very interested in knowing where all the West’s nukes are being stored or transferred.  It has long been my view that, given the losses of the “Great Patriotic War” (as Russia calls WW-2), Russia is content to allow Germany to live a normal national life as long as Germany does not substantially rebuild conventional military forces or obtain nuclear warheads for its military. Russia is surely aware of the EU plans to dismember the UK and France (I found them via a simple web-search after hearing about them in the election night media coverage), and must, therefore, be intensely interested in the locations of all British and French “nukes” in the event they are transferred to Germany if the EU ever succeeded in dismantling the UK and France. It is my personal view that if Germany ever made an effort to obtain or seize nuclear weapons from anywhere, Russia would launch a major pre-emptive military strike against Germany. I have little doubt that every portion of German real estate has a Russian nuke aimed at it. Who but Germany would have control over the nukes of the UK and France if the EU succeeded in dismembering the UK and France? I wonder if you find this possible scenario as troubling as I do.

I can’t help wonder if any EU plans to dismember the UK and France were always a “pipe dream.” Even if the EU had a compliant “Quisling” helping them as the British Prime  Minister, such plans could have easily failed. The British love their Royal Family, and even if a British Prime Minister tried to aid any sinister EU plans, the Queen of England could address the British people and call on the British military and people to resist and stop the EU plans to dismember the UK. If there were no England, there would be no need for the British Royal family either, so any attack by the EU on the UK’s sovereign integrity is a plan to overthrow (and apparently destroy) the British Royal family. If the Queen called on the British military to save the UK from any EU takeover attempt, it is quite possible the EU office complexes in Brussels (and other locations in Europe) would quickly be the recipients of incoming British cruise missiles. God will intervene to make sure his promises and prophecies are always kept (Isaiah 41:21-26, 46:9-11). God promised David that his progeny would, in perpetuity, have descendants ruling over the house of Israel as their monarchs (II Samuel 7:8-16, Jeremiah 33:17-22). My books (and the writings of others as well) document that the British Royal Family is descended from ancient David (I could buy in Westminster Abbey a document confirming this descent of the British Royal Family from King David when I visited London in 1978). The English are the modern Israelite tribe of Ephraim and their Anglo-Saxon brothers, the Americans, are the tribe of Manasseh (abundant evidence of these identifications are found in my books). The Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish are also part of the overall ten tribes of Israel. Genesis 49 gives God’s prophecies for the Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh in the latter days (our prophetic time period). Genesis 49:22-26’s prophecy calls them “Joseph,” the biblical figure who was their joint parent (Genesis 48:8-21). There is nothing in Genesis 49’s prophecy about any “captivity,” “dismemberment,” or “civil war” in the nations of Ephraim or Manasseh in the latter days. Indeed, Genesis 49:22-24 prophesies they will be hated and attacked by enemies in the latter days, but that God will strengthen them against those enemies. Any human plans to undo any of God’s prophecies invite Divine intervention to stop and thwart any such insidious human efforts.

Whatever the actual plans of the EU may be, the UK’s Brexit vote will greatly encourage other nations to leave the EU as well. The ninth link reports that France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria and Finland may want to leave the EU as well. Other media sources I’ve seen have mentioned Portugal, Italy, Greece and Denmark as nations that may also leave the EU. Anti-EU sentiments are growing rapidly throughout Europe as the EU lets in an ever-bigger tidal wave of Islamic immigrants who do not want to assimilate into European cultures. The tenth link reports that anti-EU forces won the recent mayoral race in Rome by a landslide proportion (this report was from the Russian media so you can be sure Russia is watching every iota of news about the EU). The final link reports that the current leader in the polls to win the next national election in the Netherlands has proclaimed his intention to hold a national referendum on whether to leave the EU in his nation as well. The British Brexit vote has emboldened a nationalist tidal wave of anti-EU sentiment throughout Europe.

Readers may have noticed that British PM, David Cameron, has announced his intention to resign, but, quite oddly, wants to delay doing so until this fall. He also wants to delay giving an official notification to the EU about the UK’s intention to leave the EU until months later–which would have the effect of delaying the British exit for years. I think this reeks of a delaying tactic on Cameron’s part. The final link also reports that a petition has been launched within the UK to hold a second Brexit referendum in order to undo the results of the win by the “Leave” side in the recent Brexit vote. Do Cameron and his insider elites hope to reverse the result of the recent Brexit vote by holding a second Brexit vote and making sure it gets “arranged” to produce a different result? What desperation on their part! If the “Remain” side had won the Brexit vote, what chance do you think there would have been a second vote to reverse the result if the “Leave” side had created a petition have another vote on the matter?

The final link also reports that European nations want the UK to leave the EU quickly and France has called on Cameron to resign within “days” to get the exit done rapidly. I must admit that the efforts by Cameron and the British elites to significantly delay or reverse the implementation of the Brexit vote reminds me of the efforts by the elitist insiders within the GOP party in the USA to continually rig or rewrite the rules of the GOP primaries to stop Donald Trump’s nomination for the presidency. When that failed, there have been reports that the GOP elitists are trying to impose a rewriting of the rules of the GOP convention to deny Trump the nomination even though the GOP voters in the USA overwhelmingly have already selected him as the GOP nominee. Trump commended the British for voting “Leave”, so Trump represents the forces of change in the USA while Hillary Clinton represents the insider elites (that’s how I see it). It seems blatantly obvious in these efforts that the GOP elites in the USA want to impose by subterfuge their choice of a presidential candidate on the GOP party and reject the will of the people who voted in the GOP primaries.

The global elites everywhere are desperately trying to hold on to their privileged positions of insider power by any means possible and are evidently terrified of allowing “the people” to have any say in their own destiny. I think that the global political/financial elites thought they were within a whisker of seizing all global power for themselves. I think they were. However, the Brexit vote may have openly turned the tide against them. Make no mistake: the Brexit vote is a political/financial earthquake felt all over the globe and it will have many aftershocks in politics, financial and monetary markets, etc. What is now happening was prophesied in Revelation 17-18 to occur in the latter days of our age. This biblical prophecy foretells that a very corrupt, insider, elitist network of political and financial/corporate cronies (Revelation 18:3) will have their global system collapse suddenly and catastrophically in the latter days (Revelation 17:16, 18:1-24) and that their “Babylon the Great” system (also called “The Great Whore” in Revelation 17), after an unspecified period of chaos, will be replaced by a new global system prophetically called the “beast” system (Revelation 17:12-18). The language of Revelation 17:16 indicates the fall of Babylon the Great and the crony elites who ran and benefited from its insider activities will be a very “hard fall,” indeed. I think the Brexit vote indicates that the Creator God of the Bible has taken a hand in contemporary human geopolitics to set in motion the fulfillment of his prophecy in Revelation 17-18. The nations have forgotten God, but he can overrule all human plans in all the nations whenever he wants to do so.

Most ominously for the doomed global elites, we may have reached the critical point in end-time prophecy where the interests of God and Satan will coincide where they both act to destroy the globalist elites and all their plans.  Revelation 17-18 makes it clear that it is God’s will to make this happen. However, Satan’s final great deception of this age will be his creation of a new global system featuring a “beast and false prophet” (global political and religious figures) who will seem to be so enlightened and liberating to everyone that this final global system will almost be able to deceive even God’s own people (Matthew 24:24-26)! How better to “set the stage” for Satan’s final chosen global leaders than to create a global system preceding them which is so corrupt, so lustful of power, money and everything else, and so evil that Satan’s final deceptive system will look very good to everyone by comparison. This means that Satan, at some point, will have to “throw under the bus” all his insider elitist minions who have served him in the current Babylon the Great system so he can replace them with his beast and false prophet system and their new cohorts. This means the point will be reached someday where all invisible spiritual forces, good and evil alike, cooperate to destroy the current system of the ensconced global elites and bring it down so hard it can never rise again. The Brexit vote may indicate that we are nearing that point in prophetic time. Biblical prophecy indicates that, ultimately, nothing can save the global elites or their system. All the dark forces that have protected and advanced the corrupt elites of Babylon the Great’s system so far will eventually betray them and help remove them from all positions of power in order to install Satan’s new global beast system–which will govern for 42 months (Revelation 13:1-6) before Jesus Christ, the Messiah, returns to utterly destroy the beast power and set up his own 1,000 year reign which will bring peace, truth and prosperity for the entire earth (Revelation 19:11-20:5). We are steadily drawing closer to the fulfillment of all these prophecies, but, as always, I do not “set dates” re: their fulfillment.

If readers have not read them yet, I urge you to read my articles, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System?, and The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System. These articles explain why the Bible calls our modern global system “Babylon the Great” and examines in detail how the prophecy of Revelation 17-18 will unfold. If readers need evidence that we are living in the biblically-prophesied latter days, I invite you to read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?

We are definitely going to live in “interesting times.”

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