The British military forces, which had already slipped into what might be called a second-rate power status, are due to slip to perhaps a third-rate power status soon. The link below from the British media reports that the British navy is due to be cut to a mere 25 warships. The story notes that this would be the smallest size of the British navy since the reign of King Henry VIII. These draconian cuts are being made to preserve funding for two aircraft carriers, but the plan is clearly farcical. The link reports that even if the carriers are built, there is apparently no funding left for any airplanes to fly off their decks.

One carrier is “under construction,” but it is ridiculous to build a second one which might be mothballed as soon as it is built. It is even more laughable to build a second carrier if doing so means there will be no aircraft for the first carrier and insufficient escort ships for it. The British navy would also lose any capacity to conduct amphibious landings or anti-piracy patrols.

This reports makes one wonder if court jesters are making military policy in Great Britain these days.

The British navy once dominated the oceans of the world as recently as the 20th century. The USA replaced it as the dominant naval power during World War II, but the British navy was still powerful for a long time. It is sad to see a once-great western power becoming steadily weaker and weaker as a nation. Previous blogs have also discussed disarmament policies being implemented by the British and the Germans, two of the major powers within NATO. If further military cuts are made, NATO is going to be a “paper tiger” alliance and the entire world will know it. Without military power (“hard power”), nations can quickly lose their economic, monetary, diplomatic and commercial power (“soft power”) as well.

Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will eventually launch an age-ending surprise attack which will start World War III. They will attack the modern nations of the “house of Israel,” which in biblical terms means, not the Israeli Jews (who descend from the house of Judah), but those modern nations descended from the so-called lost ten tribes of Israel. As readers of my books and articles (and listeners to my audio messages on this topic) realize, the ancient ten tribes of Israel migrated into Asia and became the mighty Scythian and Parthian Empires (fulfilling prophecies in Hosea 1:10 and Isaiah 14:2 that they would become exceedingly numerous after their exile and that they would eventually rule over the empires that had originally taken them captive). When the Scythian and Parthian Empires collapsed, the many millions of refugees from their empires poured into Europe via the Caucasus Mountains, taking on the name “Caucasians” due to their migration route. These Caucasian refugees (called Germans, Goths, Vandals, Jutes, Saxons, etc. by the Romans) founded the modern nations of Europe and those nations founded by Europeans (i.e. the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand). It is these nations which the Bible regards as the latter-day “house of Israel.” This means that it is the USA, the UK, the NATO nations and their allies that will be targeted by the eventual prophesied Russian, Chinese and Iranian surprise attack. The prophesied attacking nations are building up their militaries fast (especially China), so all disarmament measures taken by NATO nations simply hastens the prophesied attack against them because they are making themselves juicer targets each time they disarm further.

Strength deters attacks. Weakness invites an attack. The British government no longer grasps this fact. The weak spirit of Neville Chamberlain now permeates British military policies. Oh that there was a modern Winston Churchill to give them the warning they badly need! When the Ezekiel 38-39 attack begins in some future year, the British will dearly wish they had built up their military forces instead of steadily dismantling them.