June 2, 2009
Steve Collins
A reader of this blog, Myrna, directed my attention to this story and I’m passing it on to all readers as it is truly bizarre. A retired Israeli general arrived in London’s Heathrow airport en route to give a speech to an audience in Great Britain. This would seem to be an innocuous and routine event. However, his arrival came close to causing a gun battle between Israeli escorts and British police. The retired Israeli general, Doron Almog, was warned just before he exited his airplane that British police were going to arrest him because of a  “war crimes” allegation by a Palestinian group. In the stand-off that occurred, British police backed off because they knew Israeli bodyguards and escorts on the plane would open fire on (and kill) the British police if they attempted to arrest the Israeli general at the behest of the Palestinians. The first link relates this story from a pro-Israeli site and the second link confirms this story via the mainstream British press.
The British have long been “Arabist” in their international politics and cool to the Israelis, but this incident sets a new low. One wonders how the British authorities could allow themselves to be used as puppets in an effort by Palestinians to embarrass the Israelis. That British authorities almost ordered British police to open fire on a prominent Israeli and his bodyguards casts the British in the role of being enemies of the Israeli nation. This will have consequences. British diplomats, including Tony Blair, will now have essentially zero influence in negotiating any Israeli- Palestinian agreement because the British cannot possibly claim to have an objective point of view. This almost-violent, anti-Israeli attitude of the British authorities could also lead to Israeli and Jewish tourists as well as pro-Jewish Christians all over the world to avoid Great Britain in their travel plans. British financial markets may also lose the business of Israeli/Jewish investors who may decide to do business where they are welcome. The Israeli government, seeing that the British and Americans are turning against them, may seek with more intensity to create a regional alliance of their own which could include Sunni Arab nations and India (both of which fear nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran, Pakistan and perhaps the Taliban someday).
A previous blog at this site also documented the growing hostility of the Obama administration toward the Israelis (the top Israeli general found most top Obama administration officials refused to even meet with him), reversing decades of pro-Israeli American policies. President Obama’s hostility to the Israelis carries great political risk to Obama’s political fortunes. The US Congress is overwhelmingly pro-Israeli and it is possible millions of voters in America could switch their votes from the Democrats to the consistently pro-Israeli Republicans if Obama’s policies continue to oppose the will of US voters. The third link reports that 329 members of Congress sent Obama a letter warning him about his administration taking anti-Israeli positions. The fourth link reports that Obama’s apparent goal of “getting tough with Israel” received “a sharp reminder this week that his hands could be tied” because a massive majority of the US Senate (76 members) sent a letter to Obama warning him about his heavy-handed approach to the Israelis.
Let’s be clear about one thing: We are living in the latter days prophesied in the Bible to occur just prior to the return of Jesus Christ/Yashua. This is true, whether anyone likes it or not. Biblical prophesies have unerringly been fulfilled in recent decades and also in our current world geopolitics. Those who doubt this are invited to read my article “Are We Living in the Latter Days?, available at this website. Those who foolishly doubt the scientific basis of the Bible’s narratives are invited to read my article “Is the earth 6,000 Years Old?” [Clue:The answer is no. The Bible agrees with scientists that the earth is very old].
What is behind the long-standing British-Israeli animosities? The Bible gives us the answer. The Israelis are known in the Bible as”Judah,” the leading tribe of the ancient kingdom of Judah. Ephraim was the leading tribe of the ten-tribed kingdom of Israel. Judah and the Ephraimites of Israel were enemies for centuries as each tribe led rival Israelite kingdoms. The modern Jews/Israelis are not the “Israel” of latter-day biblical prophecies. They are “Judah.” The “Israel” of latter-day prophecies consists of the modern descendants of the ten tribes of Israel who were prophesied to vastly increase their populations after they went into exile (Hosea 1:10). As readers of my books and articles know, the British are easily-identifiable as the Israelite tribe of Ephraim and the USA is identified as the Israelite tribe of Manasseh. Together, the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh are known as the tribe of Joseph. Isaiah 11:12-13 prophesies of a time when God will eliminate the “envy” and “vex[ing]” relationship between the tribes of Ephraim and Judah (the British and the Israeli/Jews in the modern world). That we almost saw Ephraimite police open fire on a general and his bodyguards from Judah confirms this Ephraimite-Jewish enmity continues today. Interestingly, Isaiah 11:12-13 does not include the tribe of Manasseh as being in an enmity relationship with the Jews of Judah. Manasseh, the modern USA, has been favorable toward the Israelis/Jews of Judah.  If President Obama tries to lead the pro-Israeli Manassehite nation of the USA into an anti-Israeli position, he may find himself in deep political trouble as Democrat members of Congress know their seats are increasingly at risk if Obama continues his anti-Israeli policies.
The Israelis will not be forsaken and their nation will not be destroyed. God Divinely decreed that the Jews would again have a nation in the old Promised Land in the latter-days (Zephaniah 2:1-8), and God also promises in Zechariah 12 that he will defend Judah (the Israelis) and Jerusalem in the latter-days even if “all the people of the earth be gathered together against it” (verse 3). Those nations who seek to damage and eliminate the Israeli nation will have the Creator of the Universe as their enemy.
In conclusion, I have thought of one major source of deliverance that will come to the Israeli/Jewish people in the latter days. Revelation 11 prophesies two incredibly-powerful prophets will be sent by God to plague the unrepentant nations of the earth in the latter days. These prophets are called the Two Witnesses and they will turn the world upside down because God will delegate to them a portion of his own Divine powers to control the weather, alter the elements of the earth (i.e. turn water into blood) and “smite the earth will all plagues as often as they wish.”  Their angry whim could devastate nations. The Two Witnesses will be utterly yielded to the will of the Creator God and they will know that it is God’s will for the Israelis/Jews to have a nation in the Promised Land and that Judah and Jerusalem will be defended by God. They will carry out God’s will, you can be sure! Those nations or groups that oppose the security of the Israelis/Jews during the ministry of the Two Witnesses can expect to be plagued by the Two Witnesses. Those who intensely hate the Israelis/Jews can expect to be intensely plagued by the Two Witnesses. I leave to your imagination what those plagues against national leaders and entire nations might turn out to be.