For years, the term “black helicopters” has been a phrase associated with the fears of right-wingers about secret governmental plots to use these helicopters to oppress the American people in the future, and the term has also been used by some comedians to mock people who asserted the black helicopters really exist.

Well, we now know the “black helicopters” really do exist. The “black helicopters” conducted an unannounced exercise in the Twin Cities recently, buzzing around and between the skyscrapers of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The local CBS news affiliate, WCCO-TV, aired a story about these exercises and it included video footage of their movements in the Twin Cities. The story included the fact that the US government did not want to say much of anything about the black helicopters and their mission, other than to say that it gives pilots practice in flying night missions in unfamiliar territory. An interview with a local resident showed that the mission did not contribute to any building of trust between the government and the people.

Reports of “black helicopters” being seen in many locations have been extant for years. I think they go back into both the Clinton and Bush presidencies. The government used to deny their existence, but now it is impossible for it do so since they can now be caught on camera almost anywhere in the USA given the ubiquitous presence of high-tech personal phones equipped with video-cam functions. The link even names the airbase where the black helicopters originated. Obviously, there may be more than one base within the USA that hosts black helicopter detachments. The TV story in the link reports only where the black helicopters that buzzed the Twin Cities originated.

What could be the mission of the black helicopters? On one end of the spectrum is the view that the US government is becoming more totalitarian and it is training pilots and armed personnel to impose martial law in parts of the USA in the future. I sure hope that isn’t true. On the other hand, if Hezbollah or Islamic State (ISIL) terrorists activate sleeper cells in the US and attack high-value US infrastructure targets or attack malls where high casualties can be afflicted, the training given to the black helicopter personnel would be invaluable to enable them to respond to any such terrorist attacks. It is also possible that they are training for possible Special Forces missions overseas where they may have to fly by or over unfamiliar terrain and buildings. The US government just disclosed after the cowardly and devilish decapitation of a US reporter by ISIL that there had been an unsuccessful raid by US Special Forces to rescue the American who was later executed in such a brutal fashion. Apparently, that unsuccessful raid took place in a Syrian city, and that kind of insertion of a Special Forces team would have to include flying by and around unfamiliar buildings in a Syrian city. Perhaps their pilots trained for such missions in “black helicopter” training missions in the USA.

I do not claim to know all the reasons for black helicopter missions in the USA. They can and do terrorize American citizens, and they certainly cause more Americans to doubt the intentions of their own government. If they are simply training missions to protect Americans or American interests at home and abroad in any kind of future crisis, the US government should definitely announce the training missions in advance to the local population to allay fears. Given how long these black helicopter-training missions have occurred within the USA, it may be that our American homeland is under a greater terrorist threat than we realize.

Personally, I wish some of those black helicopter units would be tasked to northern Iraq to take out vital equipment and leaders of ISIL and to locate and rescue the hundreds of girls kidnapped in northern Nigeria by the Islamic Jihadi terrorists of Boko Haram. The world has an increasing number of dangerous places. Paul’s prophecy that the latter days would be “perilous times” (II Timothy 3:1) has certainly come true. I hope the black helicopter units training in secretive exercises around the USA are training to protect Americans and American interests. At any rate, anyone who now says the “black helicopters” aren’t real is now known to be an uniformed person. Send them this link if you know any such uninformed people.