Just recently a long standing friend suggested that, prophetically, Germany is ‘Assyria’. That is, in the sense of a ‘power’ or ‘system’ similar to the way the name ‘Babylon’ is used in scripture. I asked him if he had any evidence, scriptural or secular, that ancient Assyria had migrated west into Europe as the ten northern tribes of Israel had done. His response was that this, as I already knew, used to be old WWCG teaching. There was also a suggestion that, and I quote, “the 4 winged leopard is europe headed by germany, france, spain and italy. It is to this power that the lion-eagle will turn to for help after its wound”

The fourth book of your series indicates that Germany today, particularly western Germany is mainly populated by descendants of the tribe of Gad.
Have you come across the suggestion from any other source that ‘Assyria’ is Germany today? After reading your books and many of your Posts I can’t accept the idea at all.

Ralph Ford


You are correct that the old WWCG taught that Germany was modern Assyria; however, they offered no convincing evidence to support that view. That church’s prophecies about Germany also failed spectacularly because that church clung to Herbert Armstrong’s dogmas instead of literal biblical teachings re: prophecy. My book offers, I believe, convincing evidence that Germany is mostly the modern Israelite tribe of Gad.  As my book, Israel’s Tribes Today, notes, Germany perfectly fits the latter-day clue given in Genesis 49:19 that Gad’s nation will be overcome (defeated) by a troop (or alliance) of nations but would rise to prominence again before the latter days ended. Germany was defeated by the Allies in World War II but has risen to industrial/economic might since that defeat. Moses also prophesied in Deuteronomy 33:20-21 that Gad would grow into a large, major nation (“be enlarged”) and that the Gadites would take on a warlike nature (i.e. be like a predatory lion). That also fits Germany’s roles in both World Wars.
The Assyrians were a Semitic people as were the Israelites (Genesis 49:21-22) so their physical appearances would be very similar to Israelites. When the Parthian Empire was in power, what was left of the ancient Assyrians would have been vassals of the Parthians (fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 14:2 that the original captors of the ten tribes of Israel would eventually be ruled by the Israelite tribes). When the Sassanian Persians overthrew the Parthian Empire circa 227 AD, they expelled the Semitic peoples and nations–who fled toward Europe via the Caucasus Mountains.  These fleeing Parthians and their vassals (later called “Caucasians” due to their migrational path) later settled the modern nations we know today in Europe. While the Israelites were “covenant” nations and possessed the blessings of Abraham upon them (which included large populations), the fleeing Assyrians had no such blessing of a large population upon them.  It is my viewpoint that the Assyrians (who were also very warlike in ancient times) were the Prussians of far-eastern Germany. Many Prussians had to flee westward into other regions of Germany when Prussia disappeared as a nation (or German province) after  Russia invaded it at the end of World War II. The modern Assyrians are, in my judgment, scattered among the Israelite Gadites in Germany, and as fellow Semites, they would mix easily among them. The ones that did not flee westward into modern Germany are now located in western Poland.