April 7, 2009
Steve Collins
How the mighty have fallen. As recently as World War II, the British Empire dominated the globe’s map and its powerful navy dominated the oceans. Much of the commerce of the world was conducted by British banks and companies. The British Empire is gone. Even the United Kingdom is fraying. Scotland wants autonomy from England and the famous “Coronation Stone” has left England and returned to Scotland. That departure may be an omen of things to come.
The first link below reports that a British Member of the European Parliament scolded British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for leading the nation into insurmountable debt levels and stating that Britain has “run out of…money” and is entering the global recession “in the worst condition of any G-20 country.”  Nations that are in deep debt may have to face previously-unthinkable demands as creditors will eventually impose harsh conditions upon them. The second link reports one EU report is calling for British overseas naval bases to be transferred to EU service. This EU report may be simply an indirect effort by Spain to gain control of Gibraltar, but it does highlight the fact that British assets are now being eyed by other nations.
The third link reports that the British nation is in danger of being shut down by Chinese hackers in the future due to its national communications system using electronic equipment supplied by companies from Communist China. Would the Communist Chinese do anything so “unsporting” in a future war against the West? Of course they would! The Chinese components were supplied by the same Chinese company which was banned from a major electronics firm merger in the USA due to the inherent risk to American computer systems.
When the British were rising to Empire status and enjoying global dominance, they were a Christian nation and their people had real faith in the God of the Bible. The previous posting at this blog site cited an episode from a World War I battle in which British army troops were saved from disaster by the intervention of an angelic force. This event was widely-believed and accepted by the British public. Today, the Church of England is an empty shell and the British public has forgotten God. The fourth link even reports that the concept of a “Debaptism Certificate” which renounces Christian baptism has proven so popular in Britain that 100,000 people have signed up for it.
Is there any connection between Britain’s rapid decline on the world scene and its abandonment of God? I think the answer is yes.
The British Commonwealth of nations fulfilled the latter-day prophecy about the Israelite tribe of Ephraim that it would constitute a “company of nations” and that its “brother” tribe of Manasseh would constitute a single great nation with the same cultural heritage. That single nation is the USA (see my detailed article about the USA in Prophecy at this website’s homepage). The fact that the British were Ephraim used to be known at the highest levels of British society. Those who have read my books have seen my citations of the work of Col. J. C. Gawler, who was Queen Victoria’s Keeper of the Crown Jewels.” His work had considerable evidence that the British were descended from the migrating ten tribes of Israel via the region of Scythia after their exile from the Promised Land.
The book of Hosea in the Bible is a book addressed to the tribe of Ephraim. Hosea 4:6 is the location of a famous biblical quotation: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” This passage is primarily directed at Ephraim, but it applies to all the modern tribes of Israel. Hosea was originally written to the ancient nation of “Israel” which was led by the tribe of Ephraim. Some of the prophecies seem eerily applicable to modern Ephraim. Hosea 9:11 prophesies: “As for Ephraim, their glory shall fly away like a bird…” That has happened to the British since World War II as their nation abandoned God and forgot the Bible. Hosea 7:9 prophesies that the Ephraimites won’t grasp that they are fading away when it happens (“Strangers have devoured his strength, and he knows it not”). How have strangers “devoured” Ephraim’s strength? Via debt! The first link below notes the decline of the British via an insurmountable burden of national debt. Eventually, creditor nations will want to foreclose on British assets to satisfy those reckless debts. Maybe those naval bases will yet be sold to other nations to repay British obligations.
Americans should not gloat at the condition of once-“Great” Britain. We are infected with the same disease. American debts under Obama, Bernanke and Geithner are heading for the financial stratosphere.
The leading Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, whose modern descendants are the recipients of the great national “birthright” blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant given in Genesis 48:8-22 to their ancient namesakes, have forsaken their birthrights and abandoned the Creator God who gave them as a blessing. Unless national repentance occurs soon, this decline of the Anglo-Saxon nations will accelerate. The leaders of the UK and the USA think their national destinies are in their own hands. They are not. Their destinies will be controlled and directed by the God whom they have rejected. National punishments (consider them “spankings” from a Creator Father God) will continue until we either (A) experience national repentance or (B) reach the future end-game where God will not only allow but directly motivate the invasion of the USA, the British nations and their allies by Russia, China, Iran, and their many allies named in Ezekiel 38. In biblical times, God repeatedly brought foreign armies to invade the Israelite nations when they rejected and abandoned him. God doesn’t change (Malachi 3:6) so the same thing can be expected again. Indeed, Ezekiel 38 already has our national destiny revealed for us…if we do not repent. God has already preordained and revealed which nations will launch the future invasion, but our nations and their leaders are so blinded by evolutionary nonsense that they cannot see their own fate heading straight at them like an oncoming train as world geopolitics bring us closer to the day Ezekiel 38 is fulfilled.
While I hope and pray for the best, I expect the worst outcome will eventually happen.