As the USA observes Thanksgiving Day once again, I feel moved to re-post a Thanksgiving Day message I wrote in 2007. It then warned about our national slide away from the real meaning of this solemn day and the fact that our national disobedience to God’s laws would someday bring about God’s judgments upon our nation. We are 15 years closer to that day of reckoning than when I wrote this piece. While it has references that date it to the events of 2007, its underlying message is just as applicable today as it was when it was first written. Indeed, it is even more applicable now.

Thankfully, I am sure many readers of this blog DO give thanks to the Creator God for our national blessings. I rejoice in that fact, and I wish you a very meaningful day of Thanksgiving for all that we are given in this blessed nation. May God notice that there are still people in this country who thank him for our national blessings, and may he be gracious to our nation.