Usually I post updates at this blog site documenting the inevitable progression of world events toward the fulfillment of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy about an eventual attack of a Gog-Magog alliance (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) against the modern nations of all the tribes of Israel in the western world (USA, UK, much of Europe and Scandinavia, Canada, New Zealand) and their allies. I have written in my article about Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy that Japan, India and other western-leaning Western Pacific Rim nations constitute the nations described in Ezekiel 38:13 as “Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish and all the young lions.” These nations are prophesied by God to not be part of the Gog-Magog alliance, but will be allied with the nations of the western world as these Asian nations are also very threatened by China’s rising militarism and China’s strategic alliances with Russia and Iran. My article, Japan’s Role in Biblical Prophecy, is also recommended to readers.

I recommend this videoclip which has a heart-warming message. It is a moving and graphic documentary about the help offered by many western nations to Japan after it experienced a tragic earthquake and tsunami last year (it should be noted even China sent rescue teams to help, but the vast bulk of rescue operations came from Japan’s western allies). It also includes video evidences about Japan’s recovery efforts. The videoclip is a reminder that nations can help each other in times of distress as well as make war upon each other. I think you will be as moved by this videoclip as I was, and it is well worth passing on to readers of this blog. This videoclip is a foreshadowing of a future time when nations will help each other instead of making war upon each other after Jesus Christ’s return, as prophesied in Micah 4:1-4.

The USA offered massive help to Japan to rebuild it after World War II, and transformed it from a hostile, crushed enemy into a progressive nation and highly-valued ally. The USA’s extraordinary mercy extended to Japan and Germany after World War II made it possible for those two nations to be the prosperous, free nations they are today. In spite of America’s current and growing national sins, past acts of massive national mercy toward former enemies is, I’m sure, noted and remembered by God. James 2:13 states that God shows no mercy to those who have shown no mercy to others. This same principle applies, no doubt, in reverse and to nations as well as to individuals. America’s record of past remarkable mercy to its defeated enemies can give us hope that God will temper his impending judgment against our nation so he uses that judgment to “wake us up” to national repentance instead of simply punishing us for our national sins.

Enjoy the videoclip. As well as being a moving videoclip for you to watch, it might also help explain why Japan will not be part of the Gog Magog alliance’s attack upon the western nations in a future year..