The Washington Times reported recently that Thailand found and seized a shipment of illegal weaponry that was being flown from North Korea to Iran (see first link below). There was some initial indication that the arms may have been shipped to Myanmar, but Iran is now the likeliest destination. That makes sense. Not only is Iran rapidly militarizing itself for a future war, it needs the weapons to supply both Hezbollah and (especially) to resupply weaponry to its proxies in Yemen who are fighting Saudi, Jordanian and (perhaps) some clandestine American forces. Iran’s Yemeni allies need lots of new weaponry to replace the munitions they are expending.

China appears to be implicated in this weapons shipment. The North Korean weapons shipment flew most of its time over China, and China can be expected to know what is going on its air space. Since North Korea is practically a client state of China (albeit a puzzling and eccentric one), there is every reason to believe China knew about this shipment. As the article states, this intercepted weapons shipment gives “new credence” to suspicions that China is involved (or at least complicit) in this illegal weapons business. This also indicates that any “new sanctions” on Iran would be a joke because China isn’t going to be bound by any such sanctions. The article notes that in July, another North Korean arms shipment was intercepted in Dubai so this is a very active weapons trade. One wonders how many dozens of shipments are finding their way to Iran without any problems.

The smuggled weapons included small arms and unassembled cruise missiles of a type that North Korea produces as a “joint effort with Iran.” The second link, from the Financial Times, estimates that “North Korea still successfully smuggles out the vast majority of its intended heavy arms exports.” North Korea has been smuggling arms for years and the proceeds from those arms sales provide a good share of North Korea’s foreign currency earnings. The second link notes that Spain intercepted a North Korean arms shipment in 2002 and Australia intercepted another one in 2003. Does that mean that all North Korean arms shipments were unimpeded from 2003 until shipments were again intercepted in Dubai and Thailand in 2009? The second link adds that while China allows North Korea to use its airspace for illegal weapons shipments, India realizes what is going on and has refused airspace permission to North Korea.

This is all quite consistent with my viewpoints re: applying Ezekiel 38’s crucial “latter day” prophecy to the modern world. China, North Korea and Iran are all part of the Gog-Magog alliance that will eventually launch a military attack vs. the USA, NATO and their global allies. Spain is part of NATO and Australia is part of the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel (one of the “company of nations” of Ephraim foretold for our time in Genesis 48:14-49:1). India is “Sheba and Dedan” in my judgment and Thailand is one of the “young lion” nations also mentioned in Ezekiel 38:13. That verse prophesies which Asian nations will not be part of the mostly-Asian Gog-Magog alliance. Tarshish is the mercantile nation of Japan and the “young lions” are often called the “young tiger” nations in the modern financial press because they have copied the export-driven, even predatory, mercantile policies of Japan. The “young tiger” nations include South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and perhaps Malaysia and others. This verse is analyzed in more detail in my article about “Japan in Prophecy,” available at the articles link at this website.

So the “great game” goes on. The Gog-Magog alliance is steadily preparing for this prophesied, age-ending global war and arming its allies so they will be able to fight both now and in this later conflict. The USA is wasting its troops, material and finances fighting a needless war in Afghanistan (much to the delight of Russia, China and Iran who want the USA to weaken itself as much as possible before they launch the future Gog-Magog invasion). Europe is all but comatose to the threat. It largely disarmed after the Berlin Wall fell and Europe’s weak militaries are in no condition to defend their nations against anyone. Japan, India and the Pacific Rim nations are showing signs of recognizing the growing¬†threat posed by China’s militarization program. Will the West ever wake up, or will it continue to live in denial?,dwp_uuid=7f5f6b12-2f66-11da-8b51-00000e2511c8,print=yes.html