Two very remarkable political events have just occurred in Europe, although Americans would hardly know about it as the American press is utterly preoccupied with inside-the-beltway politics in Washington, DC. The American press is so addicted to internal American political stories that it all but ignores the fact that tectonic geopolitical shifts are occurring in other parts of the world. The first major event that I want to bring to readers’ attention is that the leftist, globalist, pro-immigration government in Sweden has just fallen. The second is that, in an unexpected shock to all observers,  German Chancellor Merkel has just lost a key vote in her own political party. Let’s examine both these remarkable events.

First, let’s look at Sweden. Sweden’s leftist-globalist prime minister has just lost a “no confidence” vote in his parliament. This means his government has fallen, but he is allowed to remain as head of a temporary caretaker government until a new governing coalition can be formed. It is even more remarkable that he lost the vote by a substantial margin in Sweden’s parliament–it wasn’t even close. Under Sweden’s governmental rules, the nation could face weeks or months without a new government. Sweden’s recent election, which featured the rightist Sweden Democrat Party attained new levels of support among the Swedish electorate, resulting in a stinging rebuke of the governing leftist-globalist government that has ruled Sweden for many years. In the newly-elected parliament, a leftist coalition and a moderate (by Swedish standards) coalition have almost equal representation in the parliament and neither currently has the votes to form a new government. In order to form any government, one of these blocs will likely have to form a governing agreement with the surging Sweden Democrat party. However, there is a problem. Both parties have pledged not to do so. If no governing coalition can be formed, Sweden will eventually have to hold another election. Perhaps a hint of things to come may be seen in the fact that the moderate coalition and the Sweden Democrats acted as allies to bring down the current government (see first link and second link for details).

In Germany what was expected to be a routine parliamentary vote turned out to be a shocker! Chancellor Merkel’s’ own CDU party coalition held an election for its parliamentary leader. Merkel’s close personal ally has long held this position and he was expected to easily defeat an upstart rival candidate. However, Merkel’s close ally lost and the largely-unknown rival won. This has set off alarm bells all over Germany and Europe. There is no way to see this outcome other than a stunning rebuke of Merkel and her policies by her own party’s members in the German parliament. Merkel did not expect to lose this vote. Many global media links are openly speculating on whether the reign of Angela Merkel over German (and EU) politics is nearing an end (third link, fourth link and fifth link). If she can’t even win a majority support of her own party members in a routine caucus vote, how can she win a no-confidence vote in Germany’s parliament if one is held? This shocking development is particularly timely as my previous post was about whether the German government was sliding toward collapse (it was written just prior to the surprising caucus vote discussed in this post). Clearly, Merkel has lost the confidence of her own party members. This vote against her in her own party caucus signals that she will not head the party in a new election if and when one is held.

The combined effects of these two political events in Europe will have tectonic effects on the geopolitical landscape within Europe and the EU. Sweden and Germany have had two of the most globalist, pro-immigrant, pro-EU governments in Europe and within the EU. Now one has fallen and the other may fall as well. If Merkel loses power, it will leave France’s Macron as the only leader of a large European nation who is pro-globalist and pro-immigrant. Not long ago, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Sweden all had globalist, pro-EU, pro-immigrant governments. The UK shocked everyone by approving a Brexit vote to leave the EU, prompting a change in government there. Italy’s recent vote ousted its globalist government and replaced it with a populist, nationalist governing coalition. Sweden’s globalist government has now fallen, and now even the Merkel government in Germany is hanging by a thread. Poland, Austria, and Hungary have already elected populist, Euro-skeptic, anti-immigration governments. France’s Macron has an agenda for a powerful supranational EU government in Europe, but he now appears to lack a base of support within Europe for such an agenda.

The globalists are clearly falling like dominoes within Europe. Combining this with the surprise election of Donald Trump to be a nationalist, populist president of the United States, the globalists who have ruled the western nations for decades are rapidly losing power at present. New political leaders and national electorates are revolting against them. Was this foreseen in Bible prophecy? Yes, it was.

As regular readers of my website articles and blog know, I have long predicted that the current globalist world political/financial system will be overthrown and replaced by a new global political/financial system. I have not made these predictions based on any inside knowledge or claimed revelation. My views have been based solely on the content of biblical prophecies, and the belief that God would bring them to pass. Revelation 17-18, written almost two thousand years ago, predicted that in the latter days of our age, an intensely corrupt cabal of insiders would control a global political/financial/corporate system. Revelation 17-18 calls them “Babylon the Great.” Revelation 18:2 identifies the leaders of this corrupt global system as the “kings of the earth” and the “merchants of the earth.”  The former term obviously means governmental leaders all over the globe, and the term “merchants of the earth” (emphasis added) very aptly describes our modern, high-tech world where all nations are closely intertwined in a global economy dominated by huge multinational corporations in trade, banking, finance, communications, etc. Revelation 18:2 prophesied the insider/leaders of this globalist system would be “waxed rich” due to their insider status. Revelation 17-18 prophesy that this end-time globalist cabal would be overthrown by a cryptic alliance called “the seven heads and ten horns” (Revelation 17, see also Revelation 13:1-5). That globalist leaders throughout the western world have lost power or are losing power argues that “the seven heads and ten horns” are already waging war behind the scenes against the insider cabal of Babylon the Great. It is also clear that the Creator God who authored the Bible’s prophecies is acting to fulfill them in our current end-time events. Isaiah 41:21-26 and 46:10-11 quote God as challenging mankind to look at his prophecies and see his ability to bring them to pass over time as proof of his reality and sovereignty over all human affairs. Many biblical prophecies indicate God will become quite active in fulfilling a wide range of his prophecies in the latter day/end time era. In looking at modern events in light of biblical prophecies, I’d say that the Bible’s God is proving himself to be firmly in control of the destiny of mankind and the nations of the earth. His Will is going to be implemented whether mankind likes it or not.

For a closer examination of how the Bible’s latter-day prophecies are coming to pass in our modern world and what is prophesied to occur sometime in our foreseeable future, please read my free articles,
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