Steven Collins
July 6, 2008
This blog is about the stunning level of hypocrisy that is present in American society concerning the issue of abortion. I read an article which so highlighted this fact that I had to share it with readers of this blog.
In Matthew 23, Jesus Christ excoriated the Pharisees for their oppressiveness toward the people, their greed and lust for power and perks and their incredible hypocrisy. Repeatedly, he pronounced “woes” upon them and repeatedly calls them “hypocrites.” It is an all-too-common human proclivity to judge others for the very sins that one is doing. In verse 24, he described the Pharisees’ sin of hypocrisy with the following words. He said that they would “strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.” Is this ever true of modern American society re: abortion and the rights of babies (born and unborn).
The July 2, 2008 issue of USA Today had an article entitled “”Needle-poked newborns in need of pain relief.” The article (see link below) cited the need to give newborn babies more “pain relief” from needle sticks in ICU conditions. It cited a medical study in the Journal of the American Medical Association which indicates that new-born babies were not getting painkillers before medical procedures were done which could cause them pain. The article cited a co-author of the study as saying “This is barbaric.” The American Academy of Pediatrics joined in and “recommended specific methods for reducing infant discomfort, including urging hospitals to perform as few painful procedures as possible” (emphasis added).
Pardon me if I feel like vomiting at this stunning level of hypocrisy in American society. Let me get this straight. The medical community is deeply “concerned” about limiting newborn’s pain from needle-sticks and bandage-removals, but it cares NOTHING for the pain endured by babies who are being aborted?? Large numbers of aborted babies are sufficiently developed in the womb that they have functioning nervous systems which can feel pain. What do these same concerned medical voices have to say about the pain endured by babies who are chopped up or suctioned into pieces when they are murdered in their wombs via abortions before they can be born? Medical sources are “concerned” about the pain a newborn baby endures with a needle-stick in their heels? Great! How about the pain endured by a baby that is actually being born with fully-developed pain-receptors who is murdered in a grisly “partial-birth abortion?” Such babies start the birthing process and are killed in a ghoulish procedure before their entire bodies can emerge from the birth canal. Our society calls such a procedure “abortion.” God’s word not only calls it murder, but it is a prime example of how modern American society “strains at gnats and swallows camels” concerning the issue of abortion. It anguishes about the pain of a diagnostic needle stick in the heel of a new-born baby in the ICU, but it collectively cares nothing about the pain caused when a baby actually being born is killed by having a needle stuck in its head and having its brains removed (or however else they perform this procedure nowadays). Straining at gnats and swallowing camels!
If the pain of a needle-stick on a newborn baby’s heel is considered “barbaric” by a JAMA article, what should we call the collective pain endured by approximately 50,000,000 babies killed in abortions since the infamous Rowe v. Wade decision by the US Supreme Court? Let’s call it the “American Holocaust” that it is!
Modern abortions are the equivalent of the infant human sacrifice rituals performed in ancient “Baal worship” ceremonies denounced in the Bible. In ancient times, they did not have the technology to kill unwanted babies before they were born, so they killed them just after they were born. George Rawlinson’s book, Phoenicia (pp. 112-114) describes how Baal-worshippers killed the unwanted or “surplus” babies born to the sexually promiscuous Baal-worshippers. Babies were placed in the arms of an idol of Moloch (a “god” with a bull’s head) and rolled into the belly of the idol. The belly of the idol was a fiery furnace in which the babies were burnt to death. When the prophet Elijah apparently disemboweled 450 prophets of Baal with a sword after his famous confrontation with them on Mt. Carmel (I Kings 18:20-40), he was not killing innocent people. He was killing the murderous “priests of Baal” (Moloch, Kronos, etc.) who conducted these infant-murder ceremonies. They were the moral equivalents of Nazi deathcamp guards, doctors, etc.
Meanwhile the American holocaust of abortion continues. I’m proud to acknowledge that I have been part of a voter petition drive in South Dakota which has placed on our November ballot an initiative to ban abortions, and this voter initiative is backed up by tangible evidence that “unborn” babies feel pain just like “born” babies. Hopefully, this new evidence will overturn the Rowe v. Wade-permitted Holocaust and stop abortion in America. If you hate abortion, pray that this citizen petition is enacted into law and this measure be sustained by the US Supreme Court.
We can weep for the millions of babies who never were permitted to be born alive in America (or wherever else) because they were aborted. Surely, the abortionists who do these gristly procedures do not believe that there is a God who will hold them accountable for what they have done. They are horribly, dreadfully wrong. Galatians 6:7 says that “whatsoever a man [or woman] sows, that shall he [or she] also reap.” James 2:13 adds that God will show no mercy to those who showed no mercy to others in this life. When abortionists are resurrected, they will be held responsible for what they have done, and they will very likely “wish they were never born” when they receive God’s terrible justice because they will “reap what they sowed.” If you doubt that the Bible’s God exists, you can scientifically prove it. Read my articles “Are We Living in the biblical Latter Days?” and “Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old?,” available for free at this website.
God ultimately holds nations responsible for their sins as well.  America is in dire need of repentance for its modern, hi-tech form of Moloch worship which we call “abortion.” Judgment Day really is coming.