This link came to me after I wrote yesterday’s blog, and this complements yesterday’s blog so well that I am passing it on to readers today. My blog yesterday focused on Turkish efforts to rebuild its former Ottoman Empire and the impact this has on Sunni Mideast nations as well as Iran’s effort to establish its dominance over Sunni Moslem nations. The new Stratfor report examines the deteriorating Turkish-Israeli relations.

The link describes Israel’s angry diplomatic reaction to recent Turkish slights, and the chance that Israeli reactions may further deteriorate ties between these two nations as Turkey saw the Israeli reaction “as a deliberate Israeli insult.”  Stratfor details many aspects of the deteriorating Israeli-Turkish ties, but still says that “Turkey remains Israel’s major ally…in the Muslim world.” Ostensibly that may be the case, but Egypt and Jordan are drawing closer to the Israelis over fears about Iran’s use of Hamas, the Palestinians and the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow such Sunni Moslem governments as Egypt and Jordan. What these nations say in public can be very different than what is said in private as Islamic governments have to be careful what they admit re: their ties to the Israelis due to the opinions of the “Arab street.” This fact is mentioned in the Stratfor analysis. Egypt and the Israelis are cooperating in trying to isolate Hamas in Gaza, Egypt is openly letting Israeli warships use the Suez Canal to send a message to Iran and Jordan hosted a meeting of intelligence chiefs from Egypt, Jordan and Israel not long ago (as one of my previous blogs detailed). Unless one is doing detailed research, one will not know about these developments as our establishment media won’t cover these important stories.

The link accurately notes that “tensions in Turkey [re: Israeli ties] between secularists in the military and the civilian Islamicist-rooted government are substantial.” In past decades, the Turkish military would stage coups of Turkish civilian governments if they strayed from the secularist policies of Kamal Ataturk. The Turkish military has been passive so far in light of the Islamicist policies of Turkey’s civilian government. Turkey’s powerful military gets along better with their Israeli counterparts than Turkey’s civilian government (which has given stinging insults to the Israelis).

What is remarkable in the Stratfor report is that it sees the American interests in the Mideast becoming more aligned with Turkish interests and less aligned with Israeli interests. Stratfor warns that there could be a “breach” coming in Israeli-American ties. If this happens, there will also be a “breach” between the American voters and the American government led by President Obama as a strong majority of American voters favor the Israelis. American voters are currently turning against Obama’s policies as the Republican victories in the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races indicated and this trend was strongly confirmed last night by a Republican win in a Senate race in the very-blue state of Massachusetts. Sen. Kennedy would roll over in his grave if he knew his old seat was now in GOP hands. The GOP victory in Massachusetts will act to tie Obama’s hands and (very rightfully) scare the Democrats in Congress. If the Democrats running the U.S. government were to turn against the Israelis in an open way, the Democrats could face an even worse defeat in the November elections than now seems likely.

Perhaps domestic political concerns will  keep the Obama government from being so negative toward the Israelis. If Obama forsakes the Israelis in the future, God will not. Zechariah 12:1-4 promises that God will defend the Israelis (Judah) and Jerusalem even if “all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”  Also, when the beast power and the Two Witnesses come on the world scene, the beast power is likely to be anti-Israeli but the Two Witnesses will be God’s instruments on earth for 3 1/2 years (Revelation 11:1-6). You can be sure they will know God’s will expressed in Zechariah 12:1-4 and they will assign plagues on modern nations in accordance with God’s revealed will for the latter days. The Two Witnesses will be a “wild card” in world geopolitics which none of the nations now anticipate or expect. If you wish to learn more about them, please read my detailed report about them available at the articles link at this website.