The respected intelligence service, Stratfor, has issued a report detailing the Russian resurgence in global geopolitics (see link below). This report asserts that Russia has essentially taken control of Kyrgystan, a former Soviet province in Central Asia. It notes that just weeks before the removal of the former government, Kyrgystan opposition forces met with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and Russian forces were soon afterward involved in the ouster of the old government and the installation of a pro-Russian government. This Stratfor report is well worth reading as it documents that Russia is in the process of reassembling much of its old Soviet empire to the maximum extent that it can.

The report cites other recent Russian successes. It used military power to seize parts of Georgia, a pro-Western former Soviet district in the Caucasus Mountains. Early this year, Russia created a “customs union” to reimpose Russian dominance over former Soviet provinces Belarus and Kazakhstan. This was very important as these two regions are strategically important to reassembling the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan is a very large part of the old USSR and Belarus borders the NATO nation of Poland, so it is vital to Russia’s goal of stopping any further advances by NATO into regions Russia formerly ruled. Russia also this year made sure that a Ukrainian election removed a pro-Western government and installed a pro-Russian one. This was a critically-important success for Russia as the pro-Western government of Ukraine had favored entry into NATO and was threatening to shut down Russia’s vital naval base on the Black Sea—which happened to be on Ukrainian territory. Now the Ukraine is safely back in the Russian fold, and those threats to Russia’s vital interests are ended.

Russia is not likely to succeed in reassembling all of its old Soviet Empire, but it is establishing firmer control over large portions of it. It is highly unlikely that Russia would ever again call its expanded region of dominance the “Soviet Union.” To keep the West deceived and ensconced in its naive comfort zone, these former Soviet provinces will be allowed to call themselves “nations” as long as they are loyal and obedient vassals of Russia. Whatever one thinks of Russian strong man, Vladimir Putin, it is clear that he is one of the most effective national leaders in the world right now. He is assertive in rebuilding Russia’s power and dominance in Eurasia, and he is taking maximum advantage of the fact that the West and NATO are now lead by President Obama, a man who was elected without any national security, military or foreign affairs experience.

This is all completely harmonious with the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 that lists the members of the Gog-Magog alliance in Ezekiel 38:2-6. Russia (“Gog, Magog, Meshech and Tubal”) is prophesied to assemble a coalition of allies with which it will jointly attack the Western nations in a surprise blitzkrieg attack at the close of the latter days of this age. Russia has already signed a strategic alliance with China (“Gomer and all his bands”) and it has become a close ally of Iran (“Persia”). Siberia (“Togarmah of the north quarters”) is already a part of Russia, and Mongolia (sandwiched between Russia and China) might be part of Togarmah as well. Ethiopia (actually “Cush”) refers to Cushite regions of the world and the name of Cush is prominently placed on the border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The “Hindu Kush” mountains straddle these nations, and these nations are hotbeds of Taliban and anti-Western sentiment that is getting worse the longer the USA stays in Afghanistan and periodically bombs tribal wedding parties and civilian events by mistake. The fact that Ezekiel 38 was written about 2500 years ago and precisely prophesied the Gog-Magog alliance that is now being assembled in the modern world makes it quite evident that a Creator God inspired that prophecy and that he is bringing it to pass now to fulfill his latter days prophecies for our time. The world doesn’t realize this fact yet, but they will be unable to ignore it before this age is over.