Steven Collins
July 5, 2007
See if you can make any logical connection between the following news stories about hostile Chinese actions against the USA and the strangely passive US responses.
The June 25, 2007 issue of The Washington Times (“Inside the Ring” by Bill Gertz, p. 18) had two stories about aggressive Chinese actions against American interests. One concerned the “China Cyber War” vs. the USA. It relates the Pentagon has launched “a major reassessment of Beijing’s ability to penetrate and attack US and allied defenses computers” as a result of “Chinese-origin computer attacks [which] are widespread and detected regularly in the thousands by defense security officials” [Emphasis added.]  The article cites “a systemic underestimation by the US Intelligence community of the Chinese offensive cyber-warfare threat…”  The link below from a British media source confirms the seriousness of the cyber warfare vs. the USA and the West by China, Iran and Russia. It cites US Lt. General Robert Elder, Commander of the 8th Air Force, as saying: “All of America’s foes, including Iran, were looking at ways of hacking into US networks to glean trade and defense secrets. But efforts by China set it apart. They’re the only nation that been quite blatant…[about the cyber warfare efforts].” Gen. Elder also cited China’s efforts to achieve “‘electromagnetic dominance’ early in a conflict,” and that “China’s…army has established units to develop viruses to attack enemy computer systems and networks…”
The above issue of The Washington Times also cited the US State Department in saying that “China is shipping arms to insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan through Iran…[and] that some shipments were flown directly to Iraq and Afghanistan on Chinese transports.” Did you hear anything about these serious stories amidst all the fluff pieces in the US media about Paris Hilton?
It is previously-reported that China is rapidly building a blue-water navy to challenge the USA and that China’s recent anti-satellite weapon test was part of an effort to enable it to “kill” US satellites in the future. China is launching “thousands” of cyber-attacks against US computers on a regular basis and is, apparently, openly-supporting the efforts of Iraqi and Afghan Islamic radicals to kill US soldiers. These are all the actions of an enemy nation. So what has been the response of the US Government?
The July 2, 2006 issue of The Washington Times (Inside the Ring by Bill Gertz, p. 18) gave two responses of the US government to China’s aggressiveness. Mr. Gertz reports the US Pacific Command invited Chinese special forces to a meeting intended for American and other special forces. One special forces person said “we shouldn’t be inviting the Chinese to these meetings.” Given that China seems bent on preparing for warfare against the USA, that person’s statement seems to make obvious sense. Another special forces source said “…the Chinese military continues to view the United States as its main enemy and is using such forums to gain information that could be used against the United States in a future conflict.’ [Emphasis added.]  Obviously the US Pacific Command wouldn’t be inviting the Chinese to such a sensitive meeting unless it had been ordered to do so from high powers in the US Government.
The same issue of The Washington Times also reported that “new Commerce Department export controls on goods to China will assist Beijing’s intelligence services in identifying US technology for purchase or theft for its military build-up..the rules…appear biased in favor of the Bush Administration’s pro-business policies toward China.” What? Why is the US Commerce Department giving an “assist” to China’s efforts to spy on the USA?
Given China’s aggressively hostile actions toward the USA, why is the US government actually facilitating China’s efforts to gain advantages over the USA? There seem to be only five possible answers, which are:
A. Extreme Incompetence. Given the Bush Administration’s inept handling of the Iraqi war over the last few years, this can’t
    be dismissed out of hand, but I don’t think this is the main reason.
B. The US Government has been penetrated by many Chinese “moles” and agents who are actively betraying America to
     the Chinese. Given China’s aggressive spy campaign against the USA, it may have some “moles” in the US
     Government, but I again do not think this is the main reason for foolish US governmental actions.
C. The US Government thinks that by adopting a policy of pandering to China, it can direct China into a less confrontational
    approach vs. the USA and the West in the future. This is surely part of the answer, but the policy is so obviously a failed
    one that this option fails to explain why American appeasement policies to China are continuing.
D.  China’s ownership of so much US Treasury debt has given it enough leverage over the US Government to compel (i.e.
      blackmail) the Bush Administration into implementing  policies harmful to US interests and helpful to China’s interests.
      Because the Bush Administration is also dependent on Chinese purchases of mega-billions of US debt instruments to
      avoid an economic crisis and possible collapse of the dollar, this is a distinct possibility.
E. The US Government has essentially been so “taken over” by the large global corporations that corporate interests are of
     primary importance to government officials and the interests of the US nation and people are now only secondary
     concerns. While the  above options have varying degrees of applicability, I think this is the key reason for self-
     destructive US policies toward China.
The Washington Times ‘ comment that the strange US Government actions toward China are a result of “the Bush Administration’s pro-business policies toward China” makes the final option the most likely reason for the US Government’s unwillingness to confront the obviously hostile actions of China. Global corporations have invested immense amounts of corporate money in building manufacturing plants in China and their global marketing/profit strategies are based on being able to obtain cheap goods from China and re-selling them in Western nations at a huge mark-up. These global corporations (which make massive campaign contributions to US presidential and Congressional candidates) desperately want to avoid having to “write off” their Chinese investments and start over with new and costlier manufacturing plants in other nations. You can be sure they are making their wishes known to President Bush, his administration officials, members of Congress, etc. If the Bush Administration took tough action against China in behalf of the USA’s own security interests, the interests of the global corporations could be jeopardized. Clearly, the Bush administration is doing what the global corporations want it to do vis a vis China, much to the consternation of Americans who see China’s aggressive militarization as preparation for a future war against the USA.
The global corporations are, no doubt, doing all they can to reverse China’s warlike intentions in order to preserve their corporate interests in China. The Bush Administration is doing all it can to help this goal of the global corporations. They are both in utter denial. This cozy relationship between the corporations and politicians was prophesied in the Bible to occur in our time, and their efforts to pacify Chinese intentions are also prophesied to fail.
Revelation 18:1-3 prophesied the final world economic/political system would be called “Babylon the Great,” and that it would be composed of an alliance between multinational, global corporations (the “merchants of the earth”) and the political office-holders (the “kings of the earth”). This economic system was prophesied to dominate “all nations ” (verse 3) just before it is destroyed in the latter days of this age. Ezekiel 38 prophesies that the nations of Russia, China and Iran will lead an alliance which will eventually militarily attack the nations of the Western world (see my articles “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about World War III” and “What Kind of Captivity” elsewhere on this website). These prophecies are clearly coming to pass in today’s modern geopolitics. The world’s commercial and political elites (who have long ignored the Bible) do not realize their decisions are directly following the script laid down for them in biblical prophecies given millennia ago).
The world’s economic/commercial system is based on the banking system’s ability to multiply money via the fractional reserve banking system and the ability of moneylenders to lend money with interest premiums due from debtors. This economic system called “capitalism” originated in ancient Babylon (as explained in my article “What Kind of Captivity?”), and it has “grown great” as it has expanded all over the earth. The barons of Wall Street and other Western commercial centers in London, Zurich, etc. thought Russia was “finished” at the end of the Cold War and that China could be drawn into their world economic system as a subservient producer of cheap goods for “Babylon the Great’s” merchants. At first, it seemed this plan would work. However, China learned quickly how “the game was played” and they have cunningly beaten the Western elites at their own game. Via China’s monetary policies, it gained immense trade surpluses. By investing these surplus funds in US and Western debt instruments, China has gained immense power and leverage over the economies of the USA and the Western nations. They are beginning to dictate to, not negotiate with, their Western counterparts.
Proverbs 22:7 states what is likely the most powerful economic law in mankind’s economic actions: “the borrower is servant to the lender.” China is the “lender,” and the US Government is the main “borrower.” Guess who will increasingly call the tune? China is already aggressive and hostile, but they are at least trying to “make nice” because they are hosting the 2008 Olympics and do not want to jeopardize its success. China’s real intentions are likely to be impossible to hide or ignore after the 2008 Olympics are over. The USA and the West are running out of time. I do not envy the choices that will inevitably face the next US President. He (or she) will have to increasingly submit to Chinese directives or “bite the bullet” and face the consequences of acting in the USA’s own interests again. Either option will be very painful.;jsessionid=15T4SGIFYOZKRQFIQMFSFGGAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/06/15/wcyber115.xml