By Steve Collins
April 18, 2007

Several media reports indicate that the USA is continuing to disarm in spite of the rapidly growing militarization programs in China, Russia and Iran (all of which are steadily becoming more anti-American). Did the USA disarm during the Cold War when our enemies were rapidly producing and deploying new weaponry? No, the US matched and exceeded the weaponry programs of its enemies and won the Cold War.

There are so many media articles that the US Army and Marine Corps have reached the breaking point that one cannot possibly quote them all. Many media stories have also noted that the military equipment of the Army and Marines have been so depleted by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that there is hardly any military equipment left in the continental USA with which new military recruits can train. Media stories have also widely reported that China successfully tested an anti-satellite weapon which demonstrated that it has the capacity to destroy US spy satellites in any future warfare. Does this sound like “peace” is breaking out all over? Hardly. Consider than the following recent actions by the USA to see if they make sense to readers of this blog.

The Washington Times National Weekly Edition (3-26-07 issue, “Cheyenne Closing,” p. 18) reported that the US military is “planning to close down the huge underground command bunker at Cheyenne Mountain, Colo. where US nuclear war operations would be held and space and missile tracking is done.” The US military is not only closing it down, it is going to spend approximately “$1.2 billion” to dismantle it. On Defense Dept official said “This country will be at a risk level rarely ever seen,” and “we will lose the cornerstone of the US nuclear command and control facilities.” Since the Chinese have demonstrated they have built an anti-satellite weapon which can disable US spy satellites, closing down the Cheyenne Mountain facility means that US is placing itself at a strong military disadvantage to its enemies. Indeed, it risks blinding itself to enemy actions if US satellites are taken out in the opening part of an attack vs. the USA or its overseas interests. At the very least, the nation should “mothball” the facility so it could be swiftly reactivated instead of gutting the facility so it will not be available to the US military ever again.

Did you hear of the above major disarmament step by the USA on your evening news? Did you hear President Bush or any Congressmen proudly announcing that the US was not only destroying its own national security asset, but spending over $1 billion tax dollars to destroy its own key asset?  No, neither did I. Something strange is going on.

Also, remember the F-117s, the famous “stealth” fighters which were unveiled in the first Persian Gulf War with Iraq? The Alamogordo Daily News (4-14-07, “Korea Could Be F-117’s Swan Song” by Laura London) reported that the F-117s may have had their “last deployment.” Is the USA mothballing this vital weapon system too? I checked Wikipedia and found a listing under “Holloman Air Force Base” (do a web search for yourself!) and found the following statement re: this USAF base (which hosts the F-117s): “In February, 2006 the Bush administration announced that Holloman would cease to be home to the F-117A Nighthawks. This move coincides with an announcement that the F-117 will be removed from service around 2008.” The Wikipedia report added that Holloman AFB would be a base for new F-22 Raptor airplanes, but the language indicates that the F-117s are going to be taken out of the USAF’s inventory, not merely relocated elsewhere. Did you hear this in your media? No, neither did I. Did you hear President Bush or the Congress proudly announcing that they were disarming the USA of a recently-deployed and vital military weapon system? It says the Bush administration “announced” the F-117 would be “removed from service around 2008.” Where was this announcement held? In a closet so no one knew about it?

An earlier blog reported that one of the USA’s best strategic cruise missiles was being deactivated from service, even though its service life would last for decades longer. More US disarmament. Something very strange is going on.
Usually, it is Democratic Presidents who gut the military and Republican Presidents who rebuild the nation’s military assets. The classic example was President Carter’s abundantly-documented neglect of the military, and President Reagan’s rebuilding the military forces. President Clinton also drastically cut the US military (as another blog documents), but the current President Bush has made no effort to rebuild the military forces structure of the USA. Indeed, in the repeated deployments of the shrunken US Army and Marine Corps personnel to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Bush has brought US ground forces to the breaking point. Their military equipment is being worn out at a rapid rate and not replaced in sufficient quantities to even allow recruits to train on military equipment in US bases. President Bush’s administration is presiding over the disarmament of the USA by wearing out the US Army and Marine Corps, destroying our main defensive command bunker at Cheyenne Mountain, defunding one of the best strategic cruise missiles in the US inventory, mothballing the F-117s very soon, etc. This is what can be leaned from media reports. What disarmament activities are going on that are not being reported in the media? Something strange is going on.

The American voters have no idea that such disarmament actions are being taken. The public’s mind is drenched with media coverage about Anna Nicole Smith, an American female who disappeared in Aruba, celebrity scandals, “reality shows” and other such “fluff” coverage and programming. 

Let’s liken modern geopolitics to a checker game. On one side is Russia, China, Iran, Al Queda and the Islamic radicals, etc. On the other side is the USA and NATO. The Russians, Chinese, Iranians, etc. are playing to win. The USA seems to be playing “giveaway” as if it thinks the object of the game is to give away one’s pieces. Modern geopolitics are not a game though. At stake is the survival of Western civilization and all our lives. Something strange is going on.

All of the above fits the Bible’s prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 which predict that Russia, China and Iran will lead a surprise attack against the USA and the NATO nations of the Western world. As the USA and the West disarm, it makes the USA and the Western nations look more like ripe fruit ready to be plucked by our enemies. Such disarmament by the USA hastens the day when this attack will occur as our defenses are ever more neglected. [Should we even mention that the Bush administration and Congress are doing almost nothing to stop the tidal wave of illegal immigrants across the Mexican border? Media articles have documented that massive quantities of meth and other illegal drugs are coming across our unguarded borders. Foreign agents can easily come across as well.] President Bush and Congress do nothing to stop this tidal wave of illegals. Something strange is going on. 

The Bible also warns against the dangers of going into debt. Proverbs 22:7 warns: “the borrower is servant to the lender.” Because of overspending on an unprecedented scale, the US is now the “debtor” to the world. It is especially indebted to China. One wonders if President Bush and the US government are being blackmailed “behind the scenes” by China (or other hostile creditors) into disarming. Our enemies could say behind the scenes: “Mr. President, unless you disarm your nation of this major military asset, we will dump all our dollars on the US market and announce we will no longer buy any more US Treasury debt issues of any kind.” This would explain the current disarmament actions of the US Government. I hope its not true. Do any readers have other explanations for the rather-secret disarmament steps by the US Government?

Meanwhile, we see such headlines as the following. “China Buildup Seen Destabilizing Region” by Bill Gertz in The Washington Times National Weekly Edition (issue: Volume 14, No. 14; Sorry! I forgot to write down the date) which states “China is continuing an aggressive military buildup in secret…”. Or how about “Engineer goes on Trial in China Military Technology Spy Case” by Bill Gertz (same issue as previous story) in which it is stated an accused Chinese spy named Chi Mak gave “key details of the Navy’s SPY-1 phased array radar, the heart of the Aegis battle management system used on almost all Navy ships” to China, and that this loss of key national security information “probably murdered the [US] navy.”  I’ll bet you didn’t see this critically-important story on your evening news. The Washington Times National Weekly Edition (3-36-07 issue, p. 36) published an editorial entitled “We are at a Crisis Point,” which stated: “With each passing day, the readiness crisis of America’s armed forces worsens as the emerging threats seem to multiply.” The same newspaper published a story (“China: The Emerging Superpower” by John J. Tkacik Jr., 3-26-07, p. 33) which stated: “…the evidence suggest China’s intent is to challenge the US as a military superpower…It is time to take China’s military expansion seriously.” Apparently, President Bush and the US Congress don’t think so. They think it is time for the USA to steadily wear out its military and disarm itself of major military assets. Something very strange is going on. These trends will lead to an inevitable future event: the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38’s prophecy when Russia, China and Iran lead a simultaneous attack against the USA, NATO and their Western allies.

Steve Collins