A number of readers sent me a link to a story that was posted recently on World Net Daily offering the opinions of a “Steven Collins” re: a large stone slab in New Mexico engraved with an ancient Paleo-Hebrew inscription of the Ten Commandments. Some readers thought I was the “Steven Collins” being quoted, and others thought I’d changed my mind about the authenticity of that Ten Commandments stone. The Steven Collins cited in the World Net Daily story is not me, and that Steven Collins and I are dopplegangers to each other.

The article about the other Steven Collins (see first link below) acknowledges that the inscription is engraved with the Ten Commandments in the ancient Paleo-Hebrew script, but it dates the inscription to a more recent time frame than King Solomon’s reign (the time frame I see as realistic for it). The dating in the World Net Daily story is a bit incongruous as the Paleo-Hebrew script was used before the exile for the Israelite tribes from the Promised Land. If the inscription dates to 500 BC (or more recently), Paleo-Hebrew should not be the script used on the stone because that was after the exile of all the Israelites from the Promised Land. I suspect the other Steven Collins has to toe-the-line to more politically-correct interpretations of the Los Lunas stone or his standing in the evolutionary, anti-biblical system of modern academia could be jeopardized. The validity of the ancient Hebrew nature of the script on the Los Lunas stone was actually affirmed in a court trial years ago when some other individual had put forth some fanciful theories about the script on the stone. The first link does include an interesting comment that a tamarsik tree, native to the Middle East, is found next to the New Mexico Decalogue stone.

My analysis of the Los Lunas Decalogue stone discussed in the World Net Daily story is found in the second link below, and an extensive photo gallery of the Decalogue stone, the region around it and other Hebrew and non-Hebrew inscriptions near the site are also included. The last two links below can also be accessed at my website by clicking on the “books” option and following the subsequent links.

I am hardly the only author who believes that the ancient Israelites were present in North America. The late-Dr. Barry Fell of Harvard University has offered much evidence in his trilogy of books about ancient inscriptions in America that many ancient civilizations (the Israelites, the Egyptians, the Celts, the Carthaginians, early Islamic voyagers from North Africa and others were all present in ancient North America before the Dark Ages when ancient civilizations collapsed and vast amounts of previously-known knowledge about world geography was lost. Dr. Fell’s books offer extensive evidence on ancient inscriptions and artifacts found in ancient North America, but his books did not put those items in a biblical context. My books do. Also, the famous American archaeologist, the-late Dr. Cyrus Gordon, affirmed in his book, Before Columbus, that the ancient Hebrew-speaking Israelites (and others) were clearly present in ancient North America. The other Steven Collins does acknowledge that the Los Lunas stone dates to a time far before the arrival of either Columbus or the Vikings, but others in establishment academia that deny the clear and demonstrable presence of the Israelites and other Old World cultures in very ancient North America settings are basing their assertions not on the facts, but on the imaginary dogmas of evolutionary political correctness. As Dr. Gordon states in his aforementioned book, “The Atlantic was crossed long before the Vikings, by different peoples during different centuries.”