This is a post that fits in the “news that you can use” category.

As other previous posts have noted, mankind’s modern technological knowledge and achievements are proceeding so rapidly that we are fulfilling Daniel 12:4’s prophecy that mankind’s knowledge would be “increased” in the latter days. The prophesied “knowledge explosion” in the latter days is occurring rapidly all around us. This link details what the presenter calls a “Star Trek” kind of scientific advance in new surgical technology developed by¬†Israeli medical researchers.

This new technology has created a non-invasive (i.e. no incisions or cutting) surgical technique that can be used for many types of medical conditions where invasive surgery is now normally used. The video link includes fibroid tumors needing hysterectomies, brain and bone cancers and Parkinson’s disease tremors as medical conditions which can now be treated with this non-invasive surgery. One case is cited of a patient who suffered from Parkinson’s disease tremors who was freed of the tremors via this new surgical procedure.

The video link may be an advertisement/documentary for the company which developed this medical treatment, but it is still worth your time to check out this link. If you or anyone you know is suffering from any of the above medical conditions, this could be vitally important information. I doubt this new surgical option has been certified by the FDA for use in the USA, so patients might have to travel to Israel to obtain this new treatment if they desire it. This treatment represents such a technological leap forward that I checked with to see if it was true, but that site had no information “pro or con” about it yet.

My thanks to a friend in the health care sector for sending me this link.