December 20, 2008
Steve Collins
I’m sure all readers realize that Communist China demonstrated its ability to shoot down US reconnaissance satellites some time ago. However, the nations are still striving to develop technologies that can be adapted to fighting a war in space. This blog is to provide an update on two such developments.
In response to the demonstrated Chinese anti-satellite technology, the USA is also developing a new, space-based, anti-satellite and anti-missile capacity of its own. The first link below demonstrates how the US anti-missile system would work. It depicts how a US satellite in space would react if it detected ICBMs launched at the USA. The satellite would respond by firing kinetic “bullets” toward those missiles when they are high in their near-space trajectory. The kinetic objects fired at the incoming missiles would disable or destroy them. I think it is obvious that if this system can shoot down ICBMs as they reach the high points of their attack trajectories at the edge of space, this anti-missile system could easily shoot down enemy satellites in space as well. This system could also defend itself against enemy missile attacks. Its capacity to track attacking objects means that it could shoot down any Russian or Chinese anti-satellite missiles before their warheads could reach this type of US satellite. This also raises the possibility that such satellites could be deployed to enter an earth orbit that would position them very close to key American reconnaissance and communications satellites in order to defend them. Apparently, this system isn’t deployed yet, but then again, one never really knows in the secret realm of top-secret defense programs.
The second link below details a new, cutting-edge space technology effort by Communist China to build a new form of space propulsion system that would enable it to far exceed the performance of any known propulsion system. It is called an “Emdrive” which “converts electrical energy into thrust via microwaves.” As the link notes, there is much disagreement among scientists whether this system is even “possible” given the laws of Newtonian physics. However, the Chinese are attempting to build a “demonstration version” of the new engine.
Personally, I would not be so quick to dismiss the Chinese’ claims. They have immense resources to fully fund and develop anything they desire, thanks to the foolish US policies of sending immense sums of money to China along with innumerable American industrial facilities. Everyone should realize that all American technology sent to China will be used by China in its war preparation efforts.
The Bible teaches that mankind was made “in the image…and likeness” of God. Evolution teaches mankind evolved upward from what was essentially a pond slime of primordial amino acids. Evolution in wrong, as the entire world will see in future years as God becomes more active in fulfilling his prophecies amidst latter days world events. It is my view that the pre-Flood world developed almost “God-like” advanced technologies that we cannot yet match. The pre-Flood civilization may have had its own highly-developed space travel system and could have colonized the solar system. Do you remember the “Face on Mars” which was publicized years ago? [If you wish, you can listen to an audio message at this website I gave about 20 years ago to a live audience on the subject of the pre-Flood world at this website.] If you are skeptical about relics of an advanced ancient civilization which left its “calling cards” in our solar system, you can visit the website of a former top NASA official, Richard Hoagland, who is a NASA “whistle blower” asserting that NASA has covered up evidence that an advanced ancient civilization once existed in our solar system. His website is: Mr. Hoagland’s explanation for this ancient civilization, as I understand it, is that a space-race of some kind seeded life in our solar system. However, the Bible has clues that it was mankind’s own pre-Flood civilization  that spawned the previous space colonies in our solar system.
Did you realize the Bible discussed during ancient times that some of mankind had/would travel and die in space? Indeed, it says it twice, but I’ll bet you’ve read over it in the past. The first instance is in Deuteronomy 30:4 when God told Moses that he would have to gather people from the outmost parts of heaven.” Moses reportedly wasn’t shocked by this assertion. The second is in Nehemiah 1:9 wherein God again asserts that he will eventually regather (i.e. “resurrect”) people who were “cast out unto the uttermost part of heaven.” That infers that mankind had traveled quite far into outer space at one time. Jesus Christ prophesied that the latter days of mankind would mirror the pre-Flood civilization (Matthew 24:37). Even Solomon observed that “there is nothing new under the sun” because everything that mankind would do in the future had already been done in the past (Ecclesiastes 1:10). If the pre-Flood world was so highly-advanced that it had a space travel capacity, it is logical that the post-Flood survivors knew about it and would try to rebuild it. Genesis 11 records that they did exactly that!
Genesis 11:4 records that the post-Flood generations were building a “tower” whose “top” would “reach unto heaven.” This project attracted so much attention in the spiritual realm that God Himself came down to examine what mankind was doing. The “towers” that mankind were building would hurl their “top” portions “unto heaven,” and God saw this as such a threat to his plans for mankind that God reprogrammed the minds of all humans to speak new languages instead of their pre-Flood language. This made all the nations illiterate even though they were highly-knowledgeable. Every new language was only a spoken language–no one was given a written language. This led to each nation developing its own written system of conveying knowledge, giving modern mankind the false impression that mankind never had written languages before they were invented in recent millennia. In fact, pre-Flood mankind had a written language (as Jasher 2:13 relates), but that language was “erased” from mankind’s minds at the Tower of Babel project.
Since each nation had a different language after Babel, each nation regarded the others as “babbling idiots” and refused to pool knowledge any more. By confusing the languages, God stopped mankind from quickly rebuilding the pre-Flood technologies because it was his will that only the latter days would see mankind rebuild those technologies (Matthew 24:37). I will write more on this subject in future blogs and articles. For now, it is enough to point out that Genesis 11:4 actually records that post-Flood mankind was building (or “rebuilding”) a space travel program and was starting to construct a “space port” when God confused the languages. Most conceptions of the “tower of Babel” depict some kind of gargantuan ziggurat which would “reach to the clouds.” Nonsense. God could care less about how tall mankind makes its buildings. However, when post-Flood mankind starting building missiles, that did require Divine intervention. God had seen how corrupt mankind became when it had possessed such advanced knowledge in the pre-Flood world. He was not about to allow mankind to repeat its mistakes so quickly.
Daniel 12:4 prophesied mankind’s knowledge would increase exponentially in the latter days. It was only in the latter days, when knowledge would again attain to pre-Flood technologies, that mankind would be able to see the remnants of a previous ancient civilization both on the earth and in our solar system and would be able to understand what Genesis 11:4 meant by erect “towers” whose “tops” (i.e. “payloads or nose cones”) would be hurled “unto heaven”). Genesis 11:4 is Moses’ effort to describe a pre-Flood missile program in the low-technology words of Moses’ day. Remember that God told Moses about mankind having members who would need to be brought back from the heavens some day. God and Moses must have had some very interesting conversations.
When China claims to be developing a cutting-edge new space propulsion system (which could perhaps take astronauts to Mars in 41 days, according to the link), don’t be so quick to dismiss it as “impossible.” When mankind was building its space-port in Genesis 11:4, God observed the project and noted concerning mankind’s nascent technologies: “…this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” [Emphasis added.] Mankind was made “in the image and likeness of God.” There are no limits on God, and the only limits on mankind are the ones imposed by God and by mankind’s limited lifespans. Like mankind at Babel, mankind has now reached the technological “tipping points” where we are about to do whatever “we have imagined to do.” If God were to allow mankind to go on indefinitely, it would only be a matter of time until a Star-Trek version of “warp drive” would be invented. However, the Bible reveals mankind’s latter-day knowledge will be put to destructive uses, not constructive ones. Matthew 24:22 prophesies that mankind would reach a level of technological skill which would result in mankind’s own self-destruction …unless God intervened to save mankind from itself.
The pre-Flood world and mankind’s new cutting-edge technologies are such huge subjects that it cannot be covered in just this one blog. I don’t think we realize (or imagine) what mankind is already doing in ultra-secret labs and facilities around the world that the masses know nothing about. However, the Bible hints at them. Revelation 13:4 prophesies that mankind will “wonder at the beast” and say “who is able to make war with him?” when this global system is born during the latter days. The beast system will unveil marvelous new technologies at some point and those technologies will include new military weaponry that mankind didn’t previously realize existed.
When skeptics say the new Chinese space propulsion system is “impossible,” I don’t believe it. Based on what God said in Genesis 11:6 about mankind’s innate abilities to develop technological advances, I’ll bet it is possible. The West could be left “in the dust” if it doesn’t match the Chinese efforts. The link indicates that the Americans and British worked on this same technology before abandoning it. Maybe they didn’t really abandon their efforts. Perhaps the Western world already has developed some of this technology and the Chinese are trying to “catch up” because their many spies found out about this area of technology. Someday, we’ll know.,2933,464846,00.html