A poll cited in a USA Today article reported that “About 70% of South Koreans say their country should develop a nuclear deterrent.” This is a remarkable development considering that South Koreans have not wanted nuclear weapons within their nation in the past, and the USA had to remove its nuclear weapons from South Korea years ago due to political pressures within South Korea.
This dramatic turn-around in South Koreans’ views should hardly be surprising, given North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and the grave dangers that program poses to South Koreans’ lives and national security. As a stop-gap measure, the South Korean Defense Ministry is considering asking the USA to position US tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea as a deterrent to a North Korean attack. Political obstacles to implementing such a program remain, but the fact that it is being considered at the top levels of the South Korean government indicate how serious South Korean fears are increasing over North Korea’s nuclear program and the unpredictability of the North Korean regime.
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