Once again, South Korea and Japan are indicating they are moving closer to developing their own nuclear weapons. The first link reports that the South Koreans’ desire for their own nuclear weapons has “quieted–for now,” but it is still a very real option. At the heart of the South Korean desire for nuclear weapons is the extreme danger they face from North Korea’s nuclear program. The link also reports that South Korea has “growing nuclear insecurities not only from North Korea’s expanding nuclear program but also doubts about whether the USA’s ‘nuclear umbrella’ over South Korea is reliable.” Those doubts notwithstanding, the second link adds that South Korea is firmly placing itself in the camp of the USA and its Pacific allies. The question is, then, whether South Korea will be a nuclear or non-nuclear ally within that alliance.

The third link offers important information not discussed much in the American media. It reveals Japan is embarking on a massive new missile construction program featuring all kinds of missions for these new missiles. Some will be hypersonic, and it notes that at least some of these new missiles will be built to accommodate nuclear warheads in the future. This is an important statement. What it means to me is that Japan already has the design specifications for the nuclear warheads to be “mated” to the new missiles in the future. If you are building nuclear-capable missiles now, the specifications for matching a nuclear warhead to them must already exist. Indeed, these nuclear warheads may already exist, just waiting for a “screwdriver’s turn” to officially make Japan a nuclear-armed nation. The link makes an ominous statement in asserting that “It is doubtful the US will use nuclear weapons to defend Japan” and it also cites the “fickle” nature of US politics as factors in Japan’s decision whether to openly deploy nuclear weapons.

The fourth link details the fact that the leaders of Japan and South Korea had a very successful bi-lateral meeting which strengthened the strategic alliance between Japan and South Korea while at the same time cementing a trilateral alliance between those two nations and the USA. No doubt, the subject of developing their own nuclear weapons came up in the private discussions between the leaders of Japan and South Korea (when the USA wasn’t in the room). The fifth link offers a cautionary warning about future relations between the USA and Japan. It declares that Japan is “sick and tired of being dictated to by…woke DC leftists,” and the Left’s efforts to impose an LGBTQ agenda on Japan is particularly cited. The link notes that the US Ambassador, Rahm Emanual, is becoming less welcome in Japan due to his efforts to force leftist priorities on Japan. That the Biden administration is seeking to “impose” leftist policies on Japan makes it more likely Japan will, in my judgment, develop a more independent foreign policy of its own and build nuclear weapons sooner rather than later.

Biden’s intransigence on a critical domestic policy issue is costing Biden much credibility on the foreign stage (sixth link and seventh link). Biden had been scheduled to participate in two very important foreign policy meetings during his Pacific trip to the G-7 meetings. One was in Australia where the leaders of the “Quad” nations were to hold a summit meeting on the nature and pace of their alliance in confronting Chinese militarism. Australia was eagerly looking forward to hosting the meeting, but Biden cancelled it because he was not willing to come to an agreement with Congressional Republicans on how much to cut federal spending in the USA. It is a major foreign policy failure by the Biden administration that it stubbornly refused to come to a spending cut agreement with the GOP in Congress in time for Biden to attend this vital Quad meeting. Since India is also a member of the BRICS group (about which I recently posted), it was especially important to tie India closer to the USA, Japan and Australia in that expected meeting. By being a “no show” at this very important meeting, Biden seriously damaged his credibility on the international stage. The leaders of the Quad nations had a side-meting at the G-7 summit, but it was likely little more than a photo-op.

China has been seeking to make maritime inroads among the small island nations in the Pacific region and the nations on the periphery of the Indo-Pacific region. Biden was also scheduled to visit and meet the Prime Ministers of the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea to keep China at bay in the Pacific theater. Again, because Biden foolishly refused to come to an agreement with the GOP Congressional leadership on federal spending cuts, Biden wasted so much time in Washington, DC that so he had no time for this other important Pacific meeting either. As a result, Biden “stood up” the Prime Ministers of these two Pacific nations. The world had already seen Biden surrender to the rag-tag Taliban in Afghanistan and leave them tens of billions of dollars worth of US military equipment, and the world has also seen Biden so mightily offend long-time US ally, Saudi Arabia, that the Saudis turned to the Chinese to broker a reconciliation between the Saudis and the Iranians. Such feckless actions by the Biden administration has been noticed by all the nations in the world, and, behind closed doors, the world’s nations have to be asking the question: “When will the USA again have dependable, competent leadership?” Behind closed doors in China, you can bet the Chinese leaders are discussing whether they should attack Taiwan now while the USA has weak leadership.

In a related move, the Biden administration finally realized that China’s military build-up poses a major threat to the strategic US military base on Guam. The eighth link offers information on the long-overdue measures now being taken to protect this critically-important American military base.

The USA is like a ship heading into a major storm without a competent captain and crew. Biblical prophecy warns that very dangerous times are ahead for the world, and highly-skilled leadership will be needed. The Bible foretells that a great World War III is not only likely, but inevitable. The Bible does not give us a year when such prophecies will be fulfilled, but we are heading toward their fulfillment. Today’s international alliances are exactly in the alignment that was foretold circa 2,500 years ago to be in effect just before World War III begins. Bible prophecy reveals how the war will start, its initial motives, some of the major tactics that will be employed, how it will end and even the very high casualty totals for one of the major alliances. Modern political leaders have all been duped into thinking the Bible is “unscientific” or that “it was proved wrong.” Both beliefs are provably false. Modern nations are like “the blind leading the blind.” However, there is no reason you have to also be in the “blind” category.

Many biblical proofs that we are approaching the end of mankind’s period of self-government on earth are detailed in my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?There are many biblical prophecies about various aspects of the coming World War III, and they are examined comprehensively in my research report, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III. Japan’s role in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy is examined in the article, Japan’s Role in Biblical Prophecy.

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