There have been a plethora of media stories about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the recent past. Most glorify AI as a huge advance in human technological achievement, but a few credible voices have given serious warnings about AI. Years ago before he died, Stephen Hawking warned that AI could eventually pose a threat to the survival of the human race (first link). More recently, Elon Musk issued serious warnings about the safety of AI even though he is utilizing it in his corporate efforts (second link). When brilliant minds warn about a new technology, the warnings should be taken seriously–in my view. However, in the rush to make money on new AI development and applications, no one is paying much attention to the warnings of Hawking and Musk.

This post is intended to offer readers a dichotomy in the current applications of AI. I think we should all be concerned about the risks.

The third link and fourth link offer details about an AI-based system McDonald’s implemented as a test program for taking orders at selected franchises. Wendy’s and White Castle have also been working to implement such AI programs as the links report. The AI test was a dismal failure, and McDonald’s withdrew its AI experiment. The fourth link especially details some of the egregious errors caused by the AI program. Some of the failures were spectacular as well as hilarious.

Its a good thing that AI isn’t being used for really important things like managing and firing a nation’s nuclear weapons, right? However, speaking of nuclear weapons, the fifth link relates that China apparently wants to reserve the right to utilize AI programs in managing or using its nuclear warheads. Hmm. If AI programs cannot yet be trusted to reliably process orders at fast-food restaurants, should we even be thinking about using an AI program to handle the nuclear inventories of sovereign nations? I can see it now–a Chinese nuclear weapons program might ask: Would you like a fortune cookie and ten extra megatons with that order?

Seriously, there are major concerns about using AI when it is still practically in its infancy as a technology. Mankind may be opening Pandora’s Box with AI. If you have not seen the movie, I Robot, I strongly urge you to do so. It was made years ago before AI was becoming mainstreamed, but it pictured what could happen in the future when a world utilizing all kinds of robotics finds itself being taken over by a robotic AI system determined to control and dominate mankind. It highlights one huge danger in all AI programs. While the Creator God can make humans with consciences re: right and wrong, none of mankind’s AI platforms are being made with a conscience. Indeed, no AI program will ever have a conscience, which makes giving AI more power over mankind’s essential systems very risky. So this is what we face going forward: We will be giving super-intelligent AI systems ever-more power, capabilities and control, but they will be guided by no conscience. What could possibly go wrong?

Daniel 12:1-4 prophesied that in the “time of the end” of this age, mankind’s technological level of “knowledge” would grow exponentially. Verse 4 also prophesied it would be a time when “many shall run to and fro.” In other words, it would be a time when readily available fast travel options would be available to the masses. We now have automobiles, trains, airplanes, etc. available for humans to travel rapidly “to and fro” all over the earth. Note that this is one more Bible prophecy among many which have come true in our time, confirming we are in the biblically-prophesied latter days. If you have any doubts that we are living in the biblically-prophesied latter days of our age, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?

In Matthew 24:37, Jesus Christ prophesied that the latter days of our age would mirror the pre-Flood world of Noah. For that to happen, the pre-Flood world had to possess very high technologies. Did they prove beneficial to them? No they didn’t. The non-canonized but biblically-mentioned book of Jasher (Joshua 10:13, II Samuel 1:18) records that pre-Flood mankind taught “the mixture of animals of one species with the other” and that this greatly provoked God to anger. Pre-Flood mankind had to have electricity, genome-mapping technologies, advanced microscopes, CRISPR technology, etc. to create lab-designed, chimera life-forms. Mankind is doing this again in our modern times. God does not change (Malachi 3:6) so what angered him about pre-Flood’s meddling with DNA experimentation to make hybrid species or beings will anger God just as much today as it did then. What results did pre-Flood mankind get with their DNA experiments? The results were pretty bad. God decided he was so sick of mankind’s sins and its meddling with his species the way he made them that God annihilated all breathing life-forms on the earth and he started over with the 8 humans and the animal and bird life forms that could fit into one large boat: the Ark (Genesis 7-8).

Can you imagine what will happen when advanced AI programs begin performing and designing DNA experimentation in modern genetic labs? Maybe centaurs, minotaurs, fauns, and other lab-created specimens really did exist in the pre-Flood world and mankind’s tribes retained the knowledge of such creatures as they spread abroad across the world after the Flood. Perhaps we will see such creatures again. After all, “whatsoever mankind imagines, he will do” (Genesis 11:6). Mankind is already actively trying to recreate mammoths from the DNA of mammoths flash-frozen in Arctic regions of Siberia. The Jurassic Park movies showed mankind intensely wants to re-create the dinosaurs of the distant past. Is that impossible? Please re-read Genesis 11:6 again.

Welcome to the “Brave New World” which out-of-control AI programs may create on the earth.