There has been no slowing of the exponential technological development that characterizes our current society. These three links detail a new wearable electronic technology which has obvious biblical implications for any student of the Bible and its latter-day prophecies. These links discuss a new, wearable “tattoo” made of metals like gold and copper which are excellent electric conductors. These wearable tattoos will also place an electronic, interactive device on your body which can monitor you and transmit all kinds of wireless signals. They are designed to be worn just above your hand on your wrist, but I don’t see why they couldn’t be adapted to be fitted anywhere on your body.

The first link reports the new stylish “tattoos” can serve as “touchpads [which can] remotely control your smartphone or share data” in an “interactive” mode. The second link adds that these new devices can serve as “connective interfaces, letting them act as inputs for smartphones or computers,” and that they can “transmit data to other devices via NFC technology.” The third link states that these wearable electronic devices can monitor your bodily functions and “unlock your mobile phones.” Reportedly, these devices now exist, but have not yet been deployed into the general public.

I think biblically-aware readers know where I’m going with this post. Revelation 13:11-18 prophesies about the final global power to rule on the earth before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This power, a global political/economic system, is called the “beast” in the book of Revelation’s prophesies. One of the things this global system will do to monitor and control people on the earth is to install some kind of device on “their right hand or forehead” (verse 17) with which they will be able to “buy and sell.” The wording of the prophecy indicates the device will at some point be made mandatory in the beast’s domain, and the ability of this “mark” to conduct commerce means that it has to be an electronic interface that can send, receive and store data in wireless modes. These new “smart tattoos” can do all that. Indeed, when the Apostle John looked into the future and saw our times in a vision, he could have easily seen “wearable [electronic] tattoos” and called them some kind of a “mark” of the beast system that was worn on one’s hand or forehead because he lacked a vocabulary to describe high-tech devices.

This new wearable electronic technology is described in the links as temporary devices to be worn as the user desires. It is possible they will initially be deployed into the public markets as temporary, wearable “tattoos” (or decorative circuit boards) with various benign usages. When the beast power comes into being, it could well turn these electronic devices into mandatory and malignant “people control” devices. Indeed, it is not hard to envision these electronic wearable devices becoming personal “tracker” devices via which governments will be able to monitor everyone. After a future global financial crisis (prophesied in Revelation 17-18 to occur just prior to the arrival of the beast system in the world), the new beast system could implement an entirely new form of electronic “money” in which cash and currency would no longer be used. One would purchase and sell goods and services via an electronic interface which would be worn on the body (like these new electronic tattoos) and financial transactions would all be made via the scanning of wearable electronic devices.. To make them more acceptable to the public, they could come in a variety of cosmetic styles.

We are certainly in the time period where the prophecies of the Bible, long thought to be merely metaphorical, are now coming to pass literally. The technology that will be used by the beast in Revelation 13:17 now exists. For readers who would like evidence that the Bible’s prophecies literally apply to our modern world, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? To keep things in the proper biblical order of prophesied events, it needs to be realized that Revelation 17-18 will occur prior to Revelation 13:11-18. People who try to impose a chronological timetable to the entire book of Revelation will have endless problems because the prophecy includes flashbacks, insets, and examinations of the same events from different perspectives. Clearly, Revelation 17-18 describe the sudden fall of a global, and very corrupt system of crony insiders (sound familiar?) in which the global monetary, commercial and financial markets collapse or seize up due to a collapse of public confidence in money. This could easily happen if the public loses faith in fiat currencies in a major fiscal crisis in the near or foreseeable future. Revelation 17 makes it clear that the “beast” system (described in Revelation 13, replaces the global political/monetary system called “Babylon the Great” or “the Great Whore”). Our current global system is not yet the beast system, but it is the Babylon the Great system. For many more details about how the book of Revelation’s prophecies accurately foretold our modern society and what it reveals will happen in our future, please read my articles: Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global Beast System? and The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System. The former will offer a comprehensive biblical view of latter days prophecies for events that are in our foreseeable future, and the latter will really “open your eyes” concerning the actual ancient origins of our modern financial institutions.