March 16, 2009
Steve Collins
My thanks to “Winston” in Florida for sending this video item to me. I think readers of this blog will find this of interest as well. It is a simulated, 3-D “fly-by” of the ancient city of Babylon and includes “fly-throughs” of some of its major gates. While it is my belief that the real city of ancient Babylon was even more colorful and majestic, this will give you a flavor of what ancient Babylon may have looked like.
As you watch it, keep in mind that ancient Babylon was the city in which Daniel had many of his prophetic visions (Daniel 7:1, 8:1), and in which Daniel may have served as Regent of the Babylonian Empire during the madness of King Nebuchanezzar (Daniel 4:19-37). This ancient city is also the namesake of the modern banking/economic system called “Babylon the Great” as banking-based capitalism originated in ancient Babylon.