Jerome Corsi’s article about Netanyahu’s trip to Russia – you probably already saw this:



Dear Brian,
Thanks for sending me this link. I did a blog a few days ago about Israeli Prime Minister’s sudden trip to Russia. Given the possible imminent action of the Israelis against Iran, such a trip by an Israeli leader to Russia indicates a very important message had to be delivered to Russian leaders. Indeed, it had to be so important that it could not be entrusted to any subordinate.
The link you sent reports that while the Israeli Prime Minister was in Russia, the Israelis conducted a secret test of a new military weapon developed for an Israeli attack upon Iran’s nuclear facilities. It is unknown what weapon may have been tested, but I’m passing on the link you sent so other readers can review it as well. I have little doubt that the Israelis are capable of devising new weaponry with “outside the box” thinking. Even if other nations oppose military action by the Israelis, if the Israelis see themselves threatened existentially by Iran’s nuclear program (and they do!), they have a sovereign right to take action to defend themselves and a duty to their citizens to take action to protect them. All reports indicate that Iran’s nuclear bombs are about ready to be built, so the Israelis have to make a decision soon.