The link below reveals some information which ought to greatly disturb any patriotic American. This Washington Times story reports that “The US government recently sold the Chinese a highly sophisticated imaging device used on space telescopes that can be used by China’s military for high-tech spying.” This technology sold to China “could be used  by the Chinese military to track and lock onto enemy satellites and missiles.”

Does this alarm you as much as it does me? Since the article states the US government itself sold this vital military technology to China, it begs the question: Who in the Obama administration allowed US technological devices with vital military importance to be sold to China? China has developed and used missile technology to demonstrate that it can shoot down US satellites, China has developed a range of cruise- and ballistic-missiles to sink US carriers and some of its generals openly call for an eventual war against the USA. So why isn’t the selling of vital military technology to China by the US government being called treason? Aiding an enemy nation is an act of treason. In wartime it usually brings the death penalty. In peacetime it usually brings long prison sentences (the Pollard case comes to mind as an example where the spy of even a friendly nation received a long prison sentence).

President Obama and Secretary of Defense Panetta owe it to all Americans to ferret out the traitors who knowingly sold vital military technology to Communist China. Congress should certainly investigate (with subpoenas) to find out which high-level officials in the Obama administration committed this act which reeks of treason to me. How many US servicemen and women will die in a future war with China (which Ezekiel 38-39 reveals to be a certainty in the future) because this technology was given to China by the US government itself?

I doubt anyone could plead they were so incompetent they didn’t know what they were doing here. Isn’t there a procedure in place to make sure that vital US technology doesn’t get sold to other nations that are current or potential enemies? Certainly the Defense Department should have be given a chance to review any and all high-tech exports to be sure nothing of military value gets into the hands of enemy nations.

There will be other consequences from this action. Each time vital US military technology is stolen from the US or given to China, it hastens the inevitable war with China. The inability (or unwillingness) of the US government itself to safeguard its own nation’s vital technology is now known to all US allies who surely heard about this even though US citizens are overwhelmingly ignorant of this betrayal of US national security. This will lead some US allies to decide that the Obama administration cannot be trusted with any vital information and the military and intelligence agencies of other nations will understandably become reluctant to share information with the US government. It also places the USA’s traditional allies in the western Pacific Rim area at greater risk due to their proximity to China.

It is very bad news that the US government itself cannot be trusted with safeguarding vital US military technology! Why isn’t this a lead story on the evening news programs? Has anyone in Congress called for hearings? Does anyone in the US government care about the nation’s national security interests? If this breach of national security receives a collective yawn from the US government, the Congress and the media, the answer to these questions must be “no.” If that is the case, the safety and security of all Americans is at ever-greater risk.

I suggest you call your Congressional delegation and demand they hold investigations to determine who are the traitors who willingly gave vital US military technology to the nation which is building a military force to fight the United States of America. Indeed, how often is this happening and no one in the media knows about it? I even wonder if the Obama administration was blackmailed by China, the USA’s top creditor, to hand over US military technology to China in exchange for China not taking action to crash the US dollar on world markets? If so, once you show you are weak and craven enough to submit to blackmail, the blackmailer will demand ever more from its victim.

The November election can’t come soon enough. Remember this report when you vote in November. The future of the nation really is at stake.