Greetings brother Collins,

I’ve written to you before and once again, just want to thank you for edifying believers in the word of God.
I regularly pray for you concerning your health, finances and those of your family, and will continue to do so.

I was reading your reply to the question on the issue of Christian voting and was wondering what your opinion is on a certain viewpoint some of our Christian brethren have, believing that there are other scriptures that contradict what you said.

Personally, I don’t see an issue with a Christian voting, and see it as a matter of preference, or opinion. I myself won’t cast a vote for the Presidency because I find most politicians too difficult to trust with anything they say. I’ve found that politicians I would have voted for in the past, would later on lead me to regretting my vote for them, but I digress.

Some of our brethren don’t have an issue with the act of voting itself, nor voting for local officials, etc. What they have an issue with is voting for the President of the nation, as God clearly says in Daniel 2:21 (also Psa 75:6-7; Rom 13:1; Dan 4:17; Dan 5:21; and Jer 27:5) that He places these people in power.

Also, 2 Corinthians 5:20 says that we are Ambassadors for Christ, and ambassadors do not get involved in the politics of other nations.

I would appreciate your input and opinion of this viewpoint.

Much love to you and yours,

Greetings Brother Victor,
My pain levels have receded somewhat, but they do remain at a high enough level that my normal functioning is still impeded. Prayers by you and other readers for pain relief and healing so I can do more extensive writing and can once agian schedule travel and speaking engagements is much appreciated. I’m receiving a lot of email on the issue of whether Christians should vote, so I’m posting our exchange on the website to further address this issue.
Clearly, modern Christians need to be respectful of each other’s beliefs on the issue of voting. This issue was never addressed in the early New Testament Church because the Roman Empire was a dictatorship which gave no voting rights to its people. However, since Paul did assert whatever citizenship rights he had as a Roman citizen, I see no problem whatsoever in asserting citizenship rights that God gave to our nation in our Constitution. We should be thankful we have such rights. One thing is certain: the more Christians that decide not to vote in elections, the more evil society will become because Christians are not exercising their citizenship rights. If Christians decide to be mere observers of what is happening in society instead of participants, they should not be surprised that they will live in a more evil world due to their inaction at the polls. In my viewpoint, not voting is forfeiting our God-given rights to have a say in who our leaders are. Having said that, I understand your frustration with the choices given to us in recent presidential elections. I share the same frustration. If Christians don’t vote and only pray, they better pray that God will move a lot of other people to vote (i.e. do the very thing they won’t do) in order that more righteous candidates will be elected.
In the ancient biblical world, nations had kings so God would move events to determine who would be the kings. Voting was not an issue then. Comparing their ancient societies to our modern Democratic societies is like comparing apples and oranges. Since God has now given us elective systems for choosing leaders, I think God expects us to do out part to help determine our leaders according to the voting-based systems which he decided to give to our modern nations. It is my belief that the Adversary is delighted each time a Christian chooses not to vote as it makes it easier for him to put evil rulers in places of power.
Hope this addresses your questions.