This post is to alert the readers of this blog that an interview with me conducted by will be aired this week on three shortwave radio frequencies. Since there are readers of this blogsite located in many nations, I’m alerting everyone so those who wish to do so can hear me on these shortwave radio broadcasts. With three shortwave frequency options, every reader of this blog should be able to listen to one of the shortwave options.

The one-hour interview will include questions and answers on such topics as the history of the ten tribes of Israel, the removal of the history about the ten tribes from history texts, the modern locations of the ten tribes in Europe and North America, the difference between the terms “Judah” and “Israel,” the founding and destiny of the Jewish Israeli nation, signs that we are living in the latter days, etc.

The information I was given is that the first shortwave broadcast will be at 6 PM (Eastern Time in the USA) on frequency 5070 on Wednesday, December 29th. The second and third broadcasts will both be at 9 PM (Eastern time in the USA) also on December 29th, but the interview will air simultaneously on two separate shortwave frequencies: 5875 and 7315.

1st at 2300 UTC Wed. (6 PM ET Wed.) at frequency 5070
2nd at 0200 UTC Thu. (9 PM ET Wed.) at frequency 5875
3rd at 0200 UTC Thu. (9 PM ET Wed.) at frequency 7315

I hope that you will be able to listen to one of these shortwave radio options, and that you will tell others about the interviews as well. It is my understanding that this interview will be the first in a series of shortwave radio interviews with future interviews dealing with a variety of historical and prophetic subjects.

If you are not able to hear one of these shortwave options, you will be able to hear the interview on your computer at, and a link to the program will soon be available at my website’s homepage.