Conservative Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has become the first candidate to announce his intent to seek the GOP nomination for the US presidency (first link). I’ve always liked Sen. Cruz’s conservative voting record, but have long felt that since Texas is virtually certain to vote for the GOP candidate in the 2016 presidential election, Sen. Cruz does nothing to help the GOP math in the Electoral College. Today, I learned something else that troubled me.

As the second link and third link document, Sen. Cruz’s wife is an executive for Goldman Sachs, the very prominent, “insider” Wall Street bank. Goldman Sachs is very close to the US Federal Reserve Board and it is one of the most important and influential insider entities in the global banking/financial system (which I have often identified as the Babylon the Great entity of Revelation 17-18 in the Prophecy category of this blog). Many media articles exist documenting the virtual “revolving door” that exists between top corporate positions at Goldman Sachs and top US government jobs (see last link which includes many articles on this topic). Somehow, I’m uncomfortable supporting a candidate who is “in bed” with the insider elites.

Here is my personal opinion on what is happening. Sen. Cruz made a very odd choice regarding a site at which to announce his candidacy. He went to Liberty College to make his announcement, a college founded by Pastor Jerry Falwell of the old Moral Majority. Since Sen. Cruz unquestionably has one of the most conservative voting records in the Senate already, he didn’t need any more conservative credentials. He very much needed to take some centrist steps to appeal to a wider constituency to actually win the GOP nomination. Announcing his candidacy at Liberty College enhances his appeal to Evangelical Christian voters, but he already appealed to them. Making his announcement at a college founded by Jerry Falwell only served to “type-cast” him as an ultra-conservative candidate in the eyes of many other Republicans and especially in the eyes of the general electorate. So I wonder…

Given that Sen. Cruz is married to an executive of the insider Wall Street firm of Goldman Sachs, and since Jeb Bush is a member of the Bush family which has long been a part of the insider elites of the GOP party,¬†could Sen. Cruz actually be running to divide the conservative vote in the GOP nominating process to help Jeb Bush win the nomination? The more conservatives who enter the GOP nomination race, the better the chances are for Jeb Bush to win the nomination. I obviously don’t know if that was the intent behind Sen. Cruz’s nomination, but his making his candidacy announcement at one of the most identifiable Evangelical Christian sites could help split the conservative, Christian base of the GOP party among many conservative candidates who are likely to enter the race in future months.

In the “smoke-filled rooms” (if they still smoke) of the GOP’s top strategists, they have surely concluded that the electoral college math requires the GOP to hold on to the states they won in 2012 plus win in Florida and Ohio to win those states’ electoral votes. In order to have the best chance of doing that, they need a popular candidate from each state on the GOP ticket. That means they need a Bush-Kasich ticket or a Rubio-Kasich ticket (John Kasich being the popular GOP governor of Ohio and Sen. Rubio being a popular Florida senator). Jeb Bush, I believe, is the choice of the insider elites which include Goldman Sachs and its affiliated Wall Street/Federal Reserve Board crowd, but Sen. Rubio of Florida would be an attractive candidate who would uniquely appeal to Hispanics, a national constituency, because Sen. Rubio (like Sen. Cruz) is a Hispanic.

Personally, I think Sen. Cruz’s choice regarding where he made his announcement guaranteed he will win a lot of Evangelical Christian votes, and it also likely guaranteed he will not be the GOP nominee for President. If he attracts a lot of Christian conservatives to vote for him, they will not be voting for Jeb Bush’s other rivals for the nomination and this will marginalize the Evangelical Christian vote by splitting it among many candidates within the GOP nominating process. This result would be extremely pleasing to the executives of Goldman Sachs and the insider Wall Street crowd. Sen. Cruz’s wife is an executive with Goldman Sachs.

Hmm. Do you think this is all an accidental coincidence?