The ultra-secret X-37B American space vehicle has returned to earth with little fanfare after a “15 month clandestine mission” (see link).  The article notes that this was the second X-37B mission, the first one being a seven month stay in space by a sister vehicle.
The capabilities of this super-secret US space vehicle are not being revealed. Speculation includes that it is a high-tech reconnaissance vehicle for spying on nations from an earth orbit. I have little doubt that is one of its roles. However, the USA is very tight-lipped about its offensive weaponry that could be unleashed against an enemy in a crisis. Does it have plasma-ray or a directed-energy beam weapon or a kinetic-interceptor cannon that can shoot down attacking ballistic missiles? The X-37B could be a very capable answer to China’s ballistic missiles which have been designed to attack and sink US aircraft carriers. Does it have the capability to have nuclear weaponry on board which can be delivered to anywhere on earth in a very short time? No doubt, it can kill any satellite that exists in an earth orbit. That deterrence alone tells China, Russia or anyone else that if US satellites are attacked, all the attacking nation’s satellites can be eliminated by an X-37B. It is no doubt a certainty that any weapons system as valuable as the X-37B will also be equipped with sophisticated defensive weaponry so it can also protect itself.
The link states the X-37B is an unmanned vehicle. That means that it can perform rapid, twisting and evasive maneuvers that would kill any pilot if it had a human on board. One does wonder, however, whether the X-37B has been developed with a manned variant as well that has not been revealed as of yet. We know that there are at least two X-37Bs which have been deployed, but no one knows for sure how many have already been built and are stored in secret hangers in undisclosed locations. When the US Stealth fighter was first revealed in the first Iraqi War, there were entire squadrons already built that no one knew about until they were used in warfare. The same may be true of the X-37B. That should keep the USA’s enemies guessing.
It is known that the X-37B was built and equipped by DARPA, a US agency tasked with building super-secret, high-tech weaponry. That alone indicates that the X-37B likely has operational capabilities that no one even imagines. It is currently operated by a secretive US Air Force office, so the X-37B’s mission is obviously a military one.
There have been many media stories about the fact that the US has retired its space shuttle fleet. Very little has been said about the X-37B, but it can stay deployed in space for an incredible length of time. Can it dock at the Space Station? That is not clear.
We do not know all that the X-37B can do, but from what is known, it is an incredibly capable space weapons system that only the USA possesses. This project shows that the US has military capabilities in space that are well in excess of what is being admitted. That should give any US enemies some pause in their warplanning schemes.
Ezekiel 38-39, the pivotal Bible prophecy which reveals that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will attack the USA and its allies at the very end of our age by no means prophesies the USA and its allies will be helpless. Indeed, Ezekiel 38:21 shows that God fully expects and directs the attacked USA and its allies to use all their “swords” (weaponry) against the invaders. I have little doubt that when the Gog-Magog alliance attacks the USA and the other modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel, they will be hit in a counterattack by weaponry they did not realize the USA had. The X-37B may be just one little glimpse into some of that weaponry that has already been built.