An Israeli media source just released an in-depth article revealing that Singapore and Israel have had a secret military cooperation/alliance in effect since soon after the independence of Singapore in 1965 (first link). It was a very covert cooperation and it was arranged and continued between Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore and the highest echelons of successive Israeli governments.

The first link makes for some very interesting reading, and I urge all readers to take the time to examine the information it reveals. Singapore asked the Israelis to help them build a modern military force, and the Israelis responded. The Israelis even examined the details of the Japanese invasion of Malaya and Singapore in World War II to help Singapore prepare its defenses wisely. At one strategic moment, the Israelis shipped a large number of surplus light tanks to Singapore to help it deter any potentially hostile neighbors. For the rest of the story, I’ll refer you to the first link. The second link is another blogger’s view of the Israeli revelations about this relationship. A comment he makes implies he is not all that fond of either Singapore or Israel, but I, for one, applaud the deal the two nations made!

When I did a Google search for more information on this story, I noticed that a post I wrote in 2010 was the eighth item offered on Google’s search results. That post concerned my comments about secret military nanotechnology cooperation that was then occurring between Israel and Singapore. You can access my earlier post via the third link.

It is worth noting that Singapore and Israel were able to keep this alliance secret for decades (although I think a credible intelligence agency would have figured it out by seeing a large number of Israeli tanks suddenly showing up in a Singaporean military parade many years ago). The world has many alliances that are well known. NATO is perhaps the best known. The old Warsaw Pact of the Cold War was another prominent alliance. The EU is a major world political alliance. Other known alliances include the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Arab League. Many bilateral alliances exist in the world. The Japanese-American alliance has been strengthening, as has the Indian-American strategic alliance. The Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance, prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39, has come into being. However, the insight into the Israeli-Singaporean alliance makes one wonder how many other “secret” alliances now exist in the world. One alliance that is only rarely mentioned in any media outlet is the Echelon alliance, a secretive global intelligence alliance of the Anglo-Saxon nations of Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (two media discussions–one a CBS “60 Minutes” program– re:  Echelon are found in the fourth link and fifth link). This secret alliance, called “The Five Eyes,” developed after World War II and was so secret for decades that the fifth link asserts even the Australian Prime Minister didn’t know his own nation was in the alliance until 1973! The links reveal Echelon has been spying on much of the world long before the NSA revelations came to light.

This story also triggered a biblical application in my mind. I once heard a religious speaker assert that Zechariah 12:2-3 prophesies that the Israelis (“Jerusalem and Judah”) will eventually have no allies left in the world. That actually isn’t what the prophecy literally says. It says that God will not abandon Judah …”though all the peoples of the earth be gathered together against it.” That prophecy actually cites God as posing a hypothetical future situation. God is stressing his faithfulness to Jerusalem and Judah in the latter days will be firm even if all other nations were to turn against it. This prophecy has no declarative statement such as: “All nations of the earth will turn against Judah and Jerusalem.” The prophecy allows for such a worst-case scenario, but it doesn’t foretell it. The Israelis have close military relationships with Greece and many military cooperation projects with India. Now we know about the Israeli alliance with Singapore. A previous post months ago indicated that Israeli-Egyptian military cooperation has never been better. The American-Israeli alliance is a long-standing one and still is very firm between the peoples and legislative bodies of the two nations although President Obama’s animus toward Israeli Prime Minister and the Israelis has been much in the media.

When we reach the end of this age, the Israelis will not be alone. They will have allies. God will be their crucial and all-important ally. I think other nations will be allied with them too. I’m just one person, but if I’m alive you can expect me to be their ally as well. I hope you will be one too. If you are, you can comfort yourself in knowing that Zechariah 3:2-3 promises you will also be on God’s side…and there is no better place to be.