A story has broken in the media that the Israelis have a secret airbase in Azerbaijan that can be used as a launching pad for an attack upon Iranian nuclear facilities or, at the very least, for use by the IDF for search and rescue operations following such an attack. Refueling and an alternate landing location for damaged aircraft could also be possible uses of such a base. On the face of it, Israel and Azerbaijan would seem unlikely partners as Iran and Azerbaijan are both Islamic nations, but I provide links to document the strong relationship. The third link further documents the Israeli-Azerbaijani strategic relationship by reporting on Iran’s anger about these ties. Azerbaijani sources have denied this report, but the articles also state that Israeli-Azerbaijani military and intelligence ties are strong, so there is contradictory information found in the links.
The first link details the close relationship that has developed between Israel and Azerbaijan, and it indicates that the Obama administration leaked this information about an Israeli air base in Azerbaijan to the world, which, of course, “blows” its “cover.” The articles state “high-level sources…inside the US government” leaked the information, and it is almost impossible to believe that they would have leaked this critical information without Obama’s personal approval. If this is what has occurred, this would likely be the most serious blow yet to Israeli-American relations under Obama, and would give the Israelis abundant reason to abandon the traditional cooperation between Israel and the USA as long as Obama is president. If the Obama administration leaked this information to the world, it has done great damage to Israeli/Jewish interests and has served only to help Iran be warned about the base’s existence. The second link discusses the outrage of former UN Ambassador John Bolton about the Obama administration’s leak of this vital, strategic information to the public so Iran could know about it.
If Israeli warplanners had intended to use Azerbaijan as a secret base as part of an attack upon Iran, the Obama administration may have deliberately exposed the base’s existence to hurt Israeli efforts and force a delay of any Israeli attack until after the US elections in November. However, if Obama’s administration betrayed Israel by releasing this information, it could have the reverse effect of hastening an Israeli strike as the Israelis would now owe nothing politically to Obama at all.
Looking at a map, it would seem quite difficult for the Israelis to place air assets in Azerbaijan. How would they get them there? Fly low across Iraq, Turkey and Armenia to get them there? Have warplanes or helicopters shipped in crates as air cargo and then reassembled once they reached Azerbaijan? 
Of course, in the very confusing world of Mideast politics and shifting alliances, this could all be a disinformation effort, designed to get Iran looking northward for an attack while the real attack was to come from the south across Saudi airspace and from Israeli Dolphin missile-firing subs submerged in the Persian Gulf. One can only speculate that this may be a possibility. However, if the Obama administration did willingly leak this secret information to the world (and to Iran) and it was not part of a joint disinformation plan, this act can only be seen as a horrific “double-cross” by the Obama administration of all Israelis and Jews.