In a remarkable story, an anti-American, anti-Christian school curriculum was unmasked in Texas recently. This link reveals that Texas school teachers were teaching a bizarre curriculum to Texas school children, and that “under penalty of law,” teachers were forbidden to share the lessons with parents. In other words, Texas school children were being secretly indoctrinated with a curriculum that undermined traditional values that were surely held by most Texas parents. Amazingly, the article reports that 80% of the Texas classrooms were using this program and forbidding teachers to allow parents to see the subversive things their children were being taught.

This secret curriculum, called CSCOPE, force-fed to Texas school children such things as “the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism and  [that] Christians were cannibals.” It also secretly taught children that “Allah is the Almighty God…Allah alone is the Creator, He alone deserves our devout love and worship.” Students were also taught to “draw a socialist flag while imagining a new socialist country.” I think readers can all see that CSCOPE was very bigoted against Christians and that it undermined American values and true history even as it promoted Islam in flagrant disregard to the “separation of church and state” credo that educrats and teachers’ unions usually cite if any “Christian” content gets anywhere close to any school curriculum.
This secret anti-American curriculum was exposed in Texas, and the Legislature is now forcing major changes to this weird secretive program. The program was so secretive that CSCOPE had “set up firewalls and passwords so that parents would not be able to see the curriculum.” Small wonder! If parents had seen the anti-American, anti-Christian propaganda in CSOPE’s curriculum, they would have put a stop to this curriculum immediately.
Please read this link and then, if you have school-age children, contact your school district and your state legislators to see if this secretive and damaging curriculum is being force-fed to your children. If this CSCOPE curriculum was being force-fed to Texas school children, I doubt that Texas was the only state where this curriculum was present. Indeed, since school officials were secretly force-feeding this blatant propaganda into children’s minds, your school officials may not be trustworthy sources of information.
When your school children come home from school, I suggest you have a talk with them. I know what I would say if I still had school-age children. I’d say something like “I have something very important to ask you. In the state of Texas, they found that bad people were teaching wrong things to students and even telling the teachers not to tell parents about the bad things they were teaching to the kids. However, good people found out about it. Do you have any teachers who are teaching you a CSCOPE curriculum,” and then I’d name the anti-American and anti-Christian items cited above. Tell your children that if any teacher ever tells them that their parents can’t be told what the teachers are telling them, it is especially important that the children tell their parents which teachers are doing such things and what they are teaching. If your children tell you such things are going on in their schools, I suggest that you take vigorous action quickly!
This kind of indoctrination of children is fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 5:20 that there will come a society in which evil people “call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” When you read the link, I think you will agree that the CSCOPE curriculum does all those things. The CSOPE curriculum clearly shows that strong forces in the public education system are trying to undermine American values by teaching grievous errors and pumping things contrary to the USA’s Christian heritage into schoolchildren’s minds.
Obviously, the fact that teachers were forbidden to tell parents what was being taught to their children confirms a deep conspiracy to undermine traditional American values was afoot. I wonder how far the rot extends? Personally, I think one of the best places to cut the federal budget deficit would be to abolish and de-fund the entire Federal Department of Education. Under the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution, all powers not enumerated to the federal government are reserved to the states as being state’s rights. Educating children is not a federal enumerated power, so each state should be in charge of teaching its own children. That is the way it was done when I was a child in school. It is my opinion that if any teacher had tried to teach the CSOPE curriculum to us schoolchildren when I was young, that teacher would have been imprisoned.
If this CSCOPE program bothers you, send this link to everyone you know and care about so it can be unmasked wherever its tentacles are being tightened around American children’s vulnerable minds.