Steven Collins
June 24, 2007

Just posted at the “Articles” link at this website is a new research report entitled “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?” One of the many prophecies examined in that report is the one in Revelation 8:9 which foretells that a third of all sea creatures will die in the latter days. Both “maximalist” and “minimalist” fulfillments of this prophecy are examined in my research report. The cover story of the April, 2007 National Geographic documents that a massive die-off of sea creatures is now occurring on a global scale. A friend (“Win” from Florida) brought this next item to my attention, and I’m sharing it with readers of this blog as it further documents the fulfillment of this biblical prophecy.

In a June 20, 2007 story entitled “Mystery Killer Strikes Seabirds,” reported that “hundreds of dead seabirds washed ashore this week on beaches spanning almost the entire Florida East Coast” [Emphasis added.] Another 130 shearwaters (“gull-like birds that prefer the open ocean”) were brought to a rescue center in Brevard County in “emaciated” condition. According to Wendy Quigley with the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg: “The preliminary findings indicate starvation.” The article indicates that birders have seen shearwaters flying “the wrong way for the bird’s summer migration–in what the observers believe is a desperate search for food.” 

If large flocks of oceanic seabirds cannot find even enough fish in the ocean off Florida to avoid starvation, this is another indication of large scale die-offs of fish and sea-life occurring throughout the world. Jennifer Sypien of the Wildlife Care Center in Canaveral Groves observed: “This has got to be something big with all of them dropping dead.”

My research report cited above documents many more instances of the massive die-off of sea life now occurring on a global basis. This is an example of how some biblical prophecies about the latter-days can be fulfilled in our modern world with few people even noticing. Christians may have some mistaken assumptions about the manner in which some end-time prophecies will be fulfilled.  For more information on this subject, you are referred to my research report on the latter-days at this website.