The attached link has some very interesting information about Caucasian mummies which have been found in Western China. I recall at least one documentary on cable-TV called the “Riddle of the Desert Mummies” which addressed this same subject. National Geographic Magazine has also featured an article about these desert mummies. They are most interesting because the mummies are not Orientals. They are fair-haired Caucasians with blond- and red-hair, and blue eyes, and their clothes include clothing worn also by salt-miners in Austria circa 1300 BC. That would have been the time of biblical Judges before the Israelite tribes had kings.

These mummies found in China are radio-carbon dated to such a wide period of time it is hard to rely on that method to date when they lived. However, if you scroll down, you will see a “gold belt with confronting tigers design” dating to circa 475-221 BC. This gold belt is of classic Sacae Scythian style. The Sacae Scythians were extraordinarily skilled in gold metalworking, and this gold belt found in a Chinese mummy location is an excellent example of their workmanship. The Sacae Scythians routinely pictured themselves as bearded Semitic people on their self-portrayals which also attests to their Israelite origin. They were called “Caucasians” later in history when their descendants migrated into Europe after the fall of their long-time ally, the Parthian Empire in 227 AD.

In my book, Israel’s Lost Empires, I have an extensive discussion of the Scythians’ culture, origin and artwork. The Sacae Scythian tribes were the descendants of the exiled ten tribes of Israel and they appeared in the area of southern Asia very soon after the Israelite tribes went into an Asian exile. The name “Sacae” which describes them includes the name of the Israelite patriarch, Isaac, whose name was prophesied in Genesis 21:12 to follow the Israelite tribes throughout history.

After destroying the Assyrian empire in an invasion in the 7th century BC, the Sacae Scythians twice trounced the Persian Empire in massive wars in the 6th century BC. Secular historians note that they spread very widely across South-Central Asia, inhabiting a region between eastern Europe and as far as western China during their time of great power. Hosea 1:10 prophesied that the ten tribes would grow into an exceedingly large mass of tribes after they were exiled from the Promised Land, and that is exactly what happened. The Desert Mummies of China offer solid support to biblical prophecies and to the accounts given in my books about the Scythians. To learn more about this subject, you can read my blog from June 22, 2008 which offers a more in-depth discussion of this topic. At the articles link of my website, is an article entitled, The Israelite Origin of the Scythians, which provides broad background information about the Scythians. My book, Israel’s Lost Empires, will provide the greatest amount of information about the Scythian/Israelite tribes along with abundant evidence about their Israelite origins. As usual, scientific discoveries routinely support the biblical narratives and prophecies, a fact missing from secular historical articles and texts.