Just when you think that our modern technologies can’t do anything more weird or dangerous, scientists plumb new depths of technological discoveries that involve ever-greater risks. Using modern DNA- and genetic-alteration technologies, scientists have developed a way to radically alter human DNA, and, in China, are also inserting human brain tissue into animal brains to make animals “smarter.” Let’s examine these two new radical uses of modern technology.

The first link, from the New York Times, describes how scientists in the USA are developing technology to radically alter how DNA is structured and formed. In the natural world, there are four natural bases that form the complex double-helix DNA structures we all know. However, some scientists have decided to mess with the building blocks of life on what I think is an unprecedented scale. They have developed four admittedly- “unnatural” new bases which they can artificially graft into the four natural DNA bases to create new life forms or alter the DNA of current species. One scientist doing this says “We can do everything here that is necessary for life.” How comforting. Scientists can “play God” and make new life forms (or alter existing ones) by messing significantly with their DNA at the cellular level. The four new bases that can be inserted into natural DNA “do not exist in nature,” and the scientists are open about how “unnatural” their work actually is. The article also describes how this new technology can alter the normal DNA rules so the unnatural DNA bases can be combined with the natural DNA bases to form an entirely new, lab-created organic outcome.  One shocking quote states that a scientific team “has begun making unnatural proteins from these unnatural genes” (emphasis added). This corruption of natural DNA is justified by the hope that maybe it will have useful health care applications. I can imagine many outcomes that are not at all beneficial and some which can be weaponized to damage the DNA of a targeted population. Perhaps, when this technology is “perfected,” they will be able to alter human babies by injecting these “unnatural” DNA sequences into human embryos/fetuses during pregnancy. I can see no good news in this development. I’m reminded of the movie, Jurassic Park, where a chaos theory scientist named Dr. Malcolm tells the inventors of the dinosaurs something like “You were so busy seeing if you could do something that you never stopped to consider whether you should do it.”

It gets worse. In China, a scientific team is busy trying to make monkeys smarter by injecting human brain tissues into their monkey brains. The experiment killed some monkeys but did make the surviving monkeys “smarter” on cognitive tests. The second link describes how this madcap experiment was conducted, and the third link expresses worrisome thoughts about this animal-human transgenic experiment that parallel my own concerns. Both links mention the Planet of the Apes movies where human organic brain material of some kind was blended with chimpanzee brains to create a simian species which could fight and oppose its human creators. One link raises the ethical consideration of whether it is acceptable to “humanize monkeys.” I am far more concerned about the reverse aspect of this process: injecting animal brain tissues into humans to “dumb them down” so they become controllable slaves in a sub-human new DNA-structuring. The fourth link offers readers more perspectives on this example of very real high-tech “monkey business.” Did you realize scientists have been combining human and animal brains for years already to see what outcomes would occur? By at least 2014, scientists were adding human brain glial cells to mice brains to make them smarter. The fifth link describes one test where the presence of 12,000,000 human glial cells added to mice brains did, indeed, make them “smarter.”

It is safe to say, I think, that many such experiments have been conducted in secret labs far from the awareness of the media or the public. I have little doubt that an unknown number of human-animal combinations have resulted in test subjects which were insane by any animal or human standard of measurement. Genesis 11:6 warns that mankind can attain technological tipping points where “nothing” is beyond man’s ability to implement scientific schemes, no matter how crazy, sinful or inherently self-destructive they might be. That tipping point was reached in the pre-Flood world, which provoked God into euthanizing all air-breathing creatures on the planet except for those chosen to be on the Ark with Noah’s family. That high-tech tipping point was again reached soon after the Flood when mankind birthed sufficient workers to start rebuilding the pre-Flood technologies. As I have mentioned occasionally in previous posts, Genesis 11: 1-9 describes, albeit in low-tech vocabulary, the high-tech project that the “tower of Babel” really was. The “tower” was not a mud-brick ziggurat–that would not have provoked extreme intervention by God. It was a “tower” whose “top-most” or “head” (Hebrew: “rosh”)  portion would reach into the heavens. We have many such “towers” whose “tops” reach into the heavens. We call them rockets or missiles and the “tops” are called payloads or nosecones. Genesis 11:1-9 describes mankind’s post-Flood effort to rebuild the pre-Flood space program of mankind. Having seen the corruption that pre-Flood mankind descended into via their technologies, God was not about to let them rebuild forbidden and corrupting technologies. God gave all humans new languages at Babel and removed the ability of any nascent nation to understand the pre-Flood language any longer. This cut them off from all pre-Flood written knowledge and made all mankind illiterate–guaranteeing there would be no new high-tech age on earth until the very end times, which Matthew 24:37 prophesied would be a mirror image of the pre-Flood civilization. It is not difficult to prove that we are living in the latter days of our age when the pre-Flood civilization would be allowed by God to again take shape. Please read my free article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? to see the evidence for that assertion. You may also wish to listen to a speech I gave (circa 1989) which was based on my copyrighted article entitled, As It Was in the Days of NoahIf you mistakenly think that the Bible teaches the earth or the physical Universe is only 6,000 years old, please read my free article, Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old? This article will reconcile the geology and fossil record of the earth with Biblical historical narratives. To reassure readers, I do believe that God made all modern species, including mankind, in a single, seven-day week as taught in Genesis 1. However, that Creation account does not preclude life on earth prior to Creation Week (remember the dinosaurs and other life forms that went extinct before mankind was present on the earth?).  

The book of Jasher used to be a canonical book available to mankind in the distant past. It is mentioned as an authoritative book in Joshua 10:13 and II Samuel 1:18. Joshua mentions dates to circa 1400 BC so the book of Jasher was well-known by then. It is not canonized today as errors have crept into the versions we now have (I find its accounts consistent with the Bible until the lifetime of Moses). In speaking of the pre-Flood society, Jasher 4:18 states that their knowledgeable class “taught the mixing of animals of one species with the other, in order, therewith, to provoke the Lord” until this corrupt practice of mixing species together became so widespread that Jasher (like the Bible) records that God had to exterminate all air-breathing life forms on the planet as they had all become “corrupted.” In other words, their DNA had become so mixed and corrupted that the originally-created species of mankind and animals that God made in Creation Week to inhabit the earth were almost all gone. It is very sobering to consider that mankind is now developing and deploying the very same transgenic technologies which provoked God into exterminating all life on earth—except for those preserved on the Ark. In “mixing the species” together to develop “unnatural” creatures that couldn’t exist without laboratory technologies such as CRISPR, mankind is heading down the same road which almost led to mankind’s extinction in the past.

Mankind today is so duped that it doesn’t even admit the existence of the Creator God who painstakingly designed the DNA of all animal species plus mankind. In theory, mankind could cause its own extinction by administering “unnatural” DNA into all newborns via a “vaccination” process. Mankind could provoke its own extinction as God would predictably do the same thing he did when mankind made itself into a transgenic species in the pre-Flood world (Malachi 3:6). Thankfully, the Bible’s latter-day prophecies are full of assurances that God will intervene to prevent such an outcome from happening. We must remember that to the Creator God, the entire earth is his planetary “terrarium” on which he created all his deigned species to live in a perfect balance according to the way he hard-wired into their DNA. When the species on earth become entirely transgenic or scientifically-mutated, the Creator God reserves the right to wipe out all “corrupted” life forms and start life on his earth all over again. He has already done this twice. He wiped out planetary life when the dinosaurs were exterminated and he did it again in Noah’s time. The first extinction resulted in a Divine Creation of new mammalian species on the earth, as Genesis 1 relates, and the second extinction was barely averted when a few samples of creatures with uncorrupted DNA were saved with Noah’s family on the Ark.

Will future “mad scientists,” for whatever reasons, try to hijack the human race and turn it into a transgenic species via pre- or post-natal “vaccinations” or via some other methodology (via water supplies or aerial/breathable means)? If such a cataclysmic plan ever is developed, you can be sure the human race will not be told about it or asked to approve it. What is certain is that mankind has now developed and is using the same DNA-corrupting technologies which previously provoked God into destroying “all flesh” on the earth (Genesis 7:17-23). How far these technologies have actually “advanced” is surely not being revealed to the general public. However, God knows the answer to that question. Modern mankind is deceived into thinking it is so far advanced when it is actually still in the process of catching up to the technological level attained by mankind in the pre-Flood world. Solomon was quite right when he observed in Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 that “there is nothing new under the sun” and that everything that is done now has previously been done long before our time.

The more that DNA-manipulation and DNA-alteration technologies spread in the modern world, the more we are duplicating what happened in the pre-Flood world–assuring us that we are, without doubt, living in the latter days of our age.


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