Steven Collins
October 18, 2007
This may seem like an odd title for a prophecy blog, but the meaning will soon be clear. As readers know, modern science has assumed (without bothering to produce any hard evidence) that all life evolved from a distant past in which there were no living creatures of any kind. Evolution theorizes that over countless years, life somehow began and somehow evolved into the numerous species now found on the earth. Medical science and Anatomy also assume an evolutionary origin to all species. As a result, whenever scientists or doctors are unable to understand the function of some part of the body, they can dismiss it as a “vestigial” organ left over from the “evolutionary process.” In other words, they label it as a useless remnant of some previous life-form which later “evolved” into a modern species. Such vestigial organs were a “proof” of evolution, according to evolutionists. 
Modern science has long made such an assumption about the human appendix. Long unable to determine the function of the appendix, scientists labeled it a “vestigial” organ. As the link below notes, “For generations the appendix has been dismissed as superfluous. Doctors figured it had no function. Surgeons removed them routinely.” However, several scientists at the Duke University Medical School have now announced that the appendix has a purpose after all! Their research indicates that the appendix “acts as a good safe house for [friendly] bacteria” when normal intestinal flora “die or are purged by disease.” In layman’s terms, the role of the appendix is to “reboot the digestive system” when such a thing happens. As many readers know, the tonsils have also been assumed to be “useless”  or vestigial organs. Interestingly, a University of Michigan internal medicine and microbiology professor is cited in the link below as saying “I’ll bet eventually we’ll find the same sort of thing with the tonsils.”
It should also be noted prominently that all the “evolutionary” assumptions about the appendix being a vestigial organ were wrong, which also indicates the entire concept of evolution is wrong. There are NO vestigial organs in the bodies of any species left over from any evolutionary process, because evolution never happened. Ancient King David observed quite accurately that human bodies are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). The same could be said for every species of life on the earth. Each species is perfectly specialized to live in a certain manner, and all internal organs and systems are precisely designed to be interdependent on the other organic systems within each species. The organs and internal systems of every species cannot evolve separately or gradually over time. They MUST come into existence at the same exact instant or the overall organism dies. It’s that simple. Creation is the only scientific explanation for life. David also aptly observed: “The fool has said in his heart there is no God.” Evolution asserts there is no God, so is it the brainchild of educated fools?
How does this fit in with prophecy? Daniel 12:1 and 4 prophecy that “at the time of the end…knowledge shall be increased.” The word translated “increased” was also used in Genesis 7:17 to describe how the “waters increased” during the global deluge in Noah’s time. This precedent indicates that Daniel’s prophecy foretells not a simple arithmetic “increase” in knowledge in the end times, but rather an exponential “increase” in the fund of knowledge available to mankind. This specific prophecy is discussed in greater detail in my article “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?” (available at the Article link at this website). In the 20th century mankind went from riding on horseback to riding on a lunar module on the moon. Communications have advanced from the telegraph and a primitive telephone to the worldwide internet. Every aspect of human knowledge has experienced a “knowledge explosion” in the last century. The prophecy of Daniel 12:4 has been, and is being, fulfilled all around us.
What does this have to do with the lowly appendix? Simple. Mankind has now so increased its fund of knowledge that it has figured out the appendix has a useful purpose. The Creator knew it all along. Modern science is finally catching up with God’s level of knowledge on one more point: the purpose of the appendix. There is so much we still don’t know about how the Universe, our earth or our own bodies really “work.” What truly amazes me is that science has not yet reached the truly obvious conclusion staring them in the face: That all life forms are too complex and specialized to have every “evolved” on their own by accident, and that there has to be an awesomely-intelligent Designer and Creator responsible for all the interdependent life forms on this earth. The earth is a giant, self-contained aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric terrarium of life forms. No terrarium in a classroom science project ever “evolved” by itself. Neither did our earth.