The first link (sent to me by a reader) features an intense and, at times, scathing debate in the Irish Parliament about US President Obama’s policies, especially his decision to arm the Syrian rebels. I’m posting it for readers of this blog to see as I think it is safe to say that you will never see this on any US media outlet.
A female member of the Irish Parliament powerfully attacks Obama’s policy re: Syria by pointing out the Jihadist Syrian rebels that Obama intends to arm will have much less regard for women’s rights than the Assad regime and that an Irish airport in Shannon may already have been used for many US arms shipments abroad in violation of Ireland’s and the EU’s neutrality stance on arms shipments. She also charges that over 500 flights (apparently military ones) passed through Ireland’s Shannon Airport and that over 200 US civilian flights passing through Irish airports had to ask for special permission to transit via Ireland as they had weapons shipments aboard. She may have shed some light on the extent of how vast the weapons trade really is already as her implication is that the US military flights must have contained weapons shipments if even US civilian flights are declaring weapons cargoes.
A male member of the Irish parliament defends the actions of the Irish government regarding these matters, its hosting of the G-8 meeting and challenges the female member of parliament to consider the atrocities being committed by the Assad government against its own citizens. He challenges the female MP to consider the many millions of Americans of Irish origin as he urges her to temper her remarks. The female MP states her problem is not with any Irish Americans but with America’s president. Surprisingly, it is the male responder (apparently a government MP) who brings up the question of whether any US military flights passing through Ireland were rendition flights.
I urge you to listen to this “hot” debate from Ireland’s Parliament. You can decide for yourself what you think about the content of this debate. I simply want to give you the opportunity to hear it. It is very possible that no one else’s “religious” website will give you access to this debate about America’s president and his policies that just occurred in an EU nation. This link makes me wonder how many other similar “hot” debates about the USA’s president and his policies are occurring among other nations’ elected officials in other nations that we are never allowed to hear. Given the intensity of this open debate, one can only imagine what is being said behind closed doors among elected officials in nations around the world.
This post is placed in the “prophecy” category as it documents that US leadership is attracting some scathing denunciations from elected representatives even among America’s allies. My writings identify the USA as the leading nation of the end-time, global system called “Babylon the Great” that is prophesied to be overthrown in the latter days by an unspecified alliance of nations or entities called the “seven heads and ten horns” (see Revelation 17-18). That means the book of Revelation prophesies that an entity composing 17 members or nations will come together in the latter days and overthrow the current US dollar-based, global political-economic-monetary system at some point in the future. Maybe it is just a coincidence that there are now 17 nations in the Eurozone—a competing and alternate currency system to the US dollar (see last link).