Although Obama’s lapdogs in the establishment U.S. media were largely silent about them, the prominent German magazine, Der Spiegel, wrote a scathing piece about the blatant inconsistencies in Obama’s speech when he announced his “new” Afghan speech. In fact, there was nothing “new” about his policy at all. It is a retread of former President Bush’s “surge” policy in Iraq. Bush’s surge policy actually led to much-improved results in Iraq. Obama’s half-hearted “surge” policy is likely to lead to eventual failure. Why? Because Obama announced that the troops being surged into Afghanistan will be surged right back out in approximately 18 months. By putting a deadline on the withdrawal of American troops, Obama has virtually told the Taliban how they can defeat Obama in this war. The Taliban can now either “lay low” if they want or do their own “surge” to cause high American casualties. Obama’s speech has all but told the Taliban they will win the war. All they have to do is just wait out the temporary U.S. presence, and they win! That was the likely result all along, but Obama has all but “spilled the beans” to the enemy that he expects that outcome too.

Obama can duplicitously claim “victory” when the troops exit, but one fact is certain. When American troops leave Afghanistan, the Taliban will run Afghanistan. Every American soldier will have died in vain there. Sometimes I think Obama’s White House crew must have learned their military strategy from comic books. It is tragicomic though for Obama to give away his withdrawal date to the enemy. We would never have won World War II by sending press releases about our military plans to Hitler and Tojo. However, this point is lost on a White House that has no military knowledge or skills. The link below reports that American cadets at West Point were asked to “respond enthusiastically,” but they were “cool” anyway. Small wonder. Any cadet in the audience likely knew more about military strategy than their Commander-in-Chief.

Der Spiegel called Obama’s speech “the least truthful address that he has ever given,” and said it felt “false.” The author of the article even indicated Obama’s speech induced “nausea.” Der Spiegel was scathing in its expose of Obama’s contradictory speech. It noted that Obama said “America is going to war—and from there it will continue ahead to peace,” and that he noted that “extremists kill in the name of Islam…before adding that it is one of the ‘world’s great religions.'” Obama said he would transfer security responsibilities to the Afghan government even though it is corrupt. The article stated that his speech sounded like one that could have been given by a “Nobel War Prize laureate.” Obama’s self-contradictions sound much like Orwellian double-speak.

This prominent German publication stated “Obama’s magic no longer works.” It labels him a former “political charmer,” and concludes with the remarkably harsh observation that “The American president doesn’t need any opponents at the moment. He’s already got himself.” Der Spiegel is a one of the leading European publications, and it is widely-read throughout Europe and the world. It likely said openly what many people around the world are now thinking, but you won’t hear such words from Obama’s cheerleaders in the liberal American establishment press.

Deuteronomy 28:44 warns that one of the punishments on blessed and favored “covenant” nations who turn from God and embrace sin (as the USA has been doing) is that “you shall come down very low…[others] will be the head and you shall be the tail.” You can see the large body of evidence that the USA is a biblical “covenant” nation in my article, The USA in Bible Prophecy, available at this website’s homepageDer Speigel’s harsh analysis of Obama’s speech indicates that under Obama’s “leadership,” American is increasingly being seen by important allies as the “tail” and no longer the “head” of the western nations.,1518,664753,00.html