The link below reports that Saudi Arabia is now ready to take delivery of two nuclear bombs from Pakistan at any time they want them. The report, from, names the Pakistani air force base where the unmarked Saudi air transports are parked and ready to take two nuclear bombs to Saudi Arabia as soon as the Saudi air crews receive the order to fly the bombs to Saudi Arabia.

The link reports that Pakistan has already transferred to Saudi Arabia the missiles that would be able to deliver the nuclear warheads to any target the Saudis choose to attack. The link also names the Saudi military base where these Pakistani missiles are stored (and awaiting the arrival of the nuclear warheads that the missiles are designed to deliver).

A previous post to this blog notified readers that Saudi Arabia was likely to receive Pakistani nuclear weapons because the Saudis had helped finance Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program, so some Pakistani nukes were actually reserved for Saudi control from the beginning of the Pakistani nuclear program. Indeed, it is my view that the two nuclear weapons soon to be transferred to the Saudis are only a partial delivery of the nukes that are allocated to Saudi control whenever they want to take delivery of them. I’m sure that in exchange for bankrolling Pakistan’s nuclear program, the Saudis would have demanded more than a mere two nuclear warheads in exchange for their level of support.

The fact that Saudi Arabia will soon be a nuclear power dramatically changes Mideastern politics. A decade ago, this would have been horrible news for the Israelis. Today, I do not think that it is the Israelis who are horrified at this news; I think it is the Iranians who have reason to tremble. As Shiite/Persian Iran has rapidly been building its military (with the aid of Russia and China), the Sunni Arab nations led by Saudi Arabia have felt as threatened by Iran as the Israelis. A post to this blog not long ago reported that the Egyptians and Saudis conducted a large joint military exercise in Egypt to practice for a time when Egypt might have to send its Sunni Moslem army to reinforce the Sunni Moslem army of Saudi Arabia against an attack from Shiite Iran. The Egyptians will not be able to take such action unless they are allowed to cross Israeli territory to do so, so the Saudis, Egyptians and Israelis have an obvious common interest against Iran. Indeed, if the USA and/or the Israelis are responsible for the Stuxnet worm which stopped the Iranian nuclear weapons program in its tracks, then the Saudis owe a tremendous debt to the Americans and/or Israelis for unleashing the Stuxnet worm against Iran.

When/if the Saudis take delivery of “their” nuclear weapons from Pakistan, the Saudis will be in a position of dominance over Iran, whose nuclear program has been clobbered.  However, Iran can play the same game as Saudi  Arabia. Iran could conceivably obtain “off the shelf” nuclear weapons from China, Russia or North Korea as they are all part of the alliance identified in Ezekiel 38-39 as the Gog-Magog alliance of the latter days. You can be sure the intelligence services of all Mideastern nations are watching these developments very closely. If the Saudis ever think Iran is about to develop or buy nuclear weapons, you can bet the unmarked Saudi transports on Pakistani nuclear military bases will be delivering Pakistani nukes to Saudi Arabia very quickly. This development also indicates that the Saudis are placing less faith in the reliability of the US nuclear umbrella over their nation. The Saudis have seen America’s and Obama’s growing weakness on the world stage, so they sense that they have to take their own national security into their own hands. Who can blame them? You can be sure lots of other nations are thinking the same thing as the Saudis, but few will admit it publicly.