The link below offers a report from the Australian media, and it was sent to me by a reader of this blog. It is very germane follow-up to the previous post regarding Syria made just yesterday. That post discussed the Saudi-Iranian contest that is going on over the fate of Syria. This post again discusses the intense rivalry now occurring between the Saudis and the Iranians.
With the Iranians reportedly on the verge of obtaining nuclear weapons, the article indicates that the Saudis would quickly “go nuclear” themselves if Iran gets the bomb. Indeed, the Saudis could “go nuclear” very quickly as it is widely believed that the Pakistanis have already allocated a certain number of the nuclear warheads in their inventory to Saudi Arabia due to past Saudi financing for Pakistan’s nuclear program. Past posts to this blog have also reported that likelihood.
If the Iranians get nukes, the Saudis will have no choice but to “take delivery” on any Saudi nukes currently held by Pakistan’s military. If both Iran and Saudi Arabia get nukes, Turkey and Egypt will have no choice but to obtain them as well. A global proliferation of nuclear-armed nations is likely in the offing if the USA, Israel and other nations do not stop Iran’s nuclear program. For example, if nuclear weapons proliferate in the Mideast, why should Japan, South Korea and Taiwan not opt to obtain a sizeable stock of nuclear warheads to deter a Chinese attack?
As you can see, the Iranian nuclear program is not only an existential threat to the Israelis, but a tripwire to a world where many nations suddenly opt to become nuclear powers as well. Perhaps this explains why the USA and Israel seem to be running out of time to launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear program. You can be sure Israel does not want a series of neighboring Islamic nations “going nuclear,” and the powers that be that run the USA and the western world do not want to have the number of nuclear-armed nations double or triple rather quickly. While their respective motives differ, both the USA and the Israelis are running out of time to stop Iran’s program.
One last word about the Saudis. The article reports the Saudis will quickly get nukes if Iran gets them. Perhaps the Saudis are simply preparing the world for an inevitable announcement about Saudi nukes if the time comes, and that allows for the possibility that they already have obtained their allocated nukes from the Pakistanis. Nuclear warheads that could be delivered by warplanes would be the ideal product for Saudi Arabia to obtain from Pakistan.