The link below reports that Saudi Arabia, faced with the growing imminence of a nuclear-armed Iran, may be very close to obtaining nuclear weapons of its own from Pakistan, a fellow Sunni Moslem nation with whom it has enjoyed close relations for many years. The link also brings up the possibility that Saudi Arabia, which helped finance the Pakistani nuclear program, already has the right to quickly obtain nuclear arms from Pakistan when Iran builds nuclear weapons. It even asserts that large numbers of Pakistani troops are poised to fly into Saudi Arabia to protect the Saudi leadership if disturbances break out in Saudi Arabia.

This link’s content is very consistent with information I presented in a January 2, 2011 blog post on this same subject.

Both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are steadily pulling away from the USA. As documented in my April 12, 2011 blog post the Saudis are furious at President Obama for not supporting their ally and friend, President Mubarak of Egypt. There is no reason to expect the Saudis to trust the USA as long as Obama is president. Therefore, the Saudis need a new, nuclear-armed ally to replace its traditional reliance on the USA, and what nation could be better that Pakistan, a fellow Sunni Moslem nation with a growing nuclear arsenal?

Pakistan, of course, is heading for an open breach with the USA over many issues (elements of Pakistan’s government being close to the Taliban, Pakistan’s apparent protection of Bin Laden, the USA’s continuing raids into Pakistani territory without Pakistani permission, the USA’s growing alliance with India, etc.). My blog site has long predicted, based on Ezekiel 38, that Pakistan will be in the eventual anti-Western Gog-Magog alliance (led by Russia, China and Iran), but the growing closeness between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia brings the Saudis’ eventual status into question. The Saudis are Ishmaelites (Ishmael, like Isaac, was a son of Abraham), and Ishmael is not listed as a member of the Gog-Magog alliance in Ezekiel 38. This argues the Saudis will not be part of the eventual Gog-Magog alliance, but that can not be predicted with certainty as Ezekiel 38:6 states “many [other] people” who are not named will also be part of the Gog-Magog alliance. It is entirely possible that Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations will again be more favorable to the USA if Obama is not re-elected as the US president as much of the Saudi animus toward America is due to Obama’s policies and actions. Obama has driven the Saudis away from the USA, and one cannot blame the Saudis for looking for a new, reliable ally.

I wish to thank the reader who sent this link to me. It is worth passing on to all who read this blog.