The first link below reports that a secret, but very important, military message was sent jointly by Saudi Arabia and the USA to Iran., an Israeli investigative website, reports that the “US test-fired a submarine-launched Trident missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads from Saudi territory during a joint military exercise last week.” This is a very important action. Let’s analyze this action from several perspectives.

To begin with, launching a nuclear-capable missile from Saudi waters would not have taken place without Saudi foreknowledge and permission. This sends a warning to Iran that the Saudis and other Persian Gulf nations are now under a US nuclear shield if Iran attacks them. This also strongly infers that the Saudis (and other Arab nations) have decided to be allied to the West in the great confrontation of global alliances prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to take shape in the latter days. This is also what has been expected in my blogs. The Saudis (and Arabs) are descended from Ishmael, Abraham’s son via Hagar, and the Ishmaelites are not mentioned as being part of the Gog-Magog alliance in Ezekiel 38. The USA, the UK, many European nations and the Israelis are descended from the many tribes of Israel, who descended from Isaac, Abraham’s son via Sarah. It does appear that the “many” modern nations prophesied to descend from Abraham (Genesis 17:5-6) are being drawn together in the modern world by the Creator’s invisible hand.

The Saudis and Arabs are ethnically distinct from the Iranians, who are Persians and not descended from Abraham. Modern Americans are incredibly ignorant about the rest of the world, and we tend to think of “Moslems” as a monolithic entity. In fact, Moslems have very deep divisions among themselves as do Christians. Sunni and Shiite Moslems have killed each other for religious reasons in Iraq even as Protestants and Catholics killed each other in religious warfare in Northern Ireland. The Arabs also have no desire to be part of any new “Ottoman Empire” put together by a resurgent Turkey, even though the Turks are fellow Sunnis. Anyone who wants to understand the Arab reluctance to ever again be dominated by Turkey would do well to watch the old movie classic, Lawrence of Arabia. Not wanting to be dominated by either Iran or Turkey, and realizing that Russia and China would enslave them if they were “allied” to those nations, the Arab nations, led by the Saudis, seem to have chosen an alliance with the USA and the West as their best option. As previous blogs at this website have noted, I also expect India to join this Western alliance.

Previous blogs have also stated that, based on Ezekiel 38’s prophecy, I expect Pakistan and Afghanistan to slide into the Gog-Magog alliance. Pakistan’s people are already deeply anti-American (this week’s organized attack against the US Consulate in Peshawar makes this point), and the USA’s own client ruler of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, seems to think his chances of personal survival are now much better in a deal with the Taliban than staying in the US orbit. The second link below details how deeply the rift between the USA and Afghanistan’s “elected government” have become. In a clear visual image of the way things are changing, notice the photo of Hamid Karzai now adorning himself in more “Taliban-looking” clothing than his previous attire. It is beginning to appear that the money and blood spent by the USA in Afghanistan for years will all be wasted. Now back to the Saudis.

If the Saudis and Sunni Arabs have thrown their lot in with the West, it puts pressure on Turkey, a fellow-Sunni nation, to stay in the Western/NATO alliance. This is important as Turkey has recently been making friendly gestures toward Iran and Syria, the Mideast members of the Gog-Magog alliance. As much as it may surprise readers of this blog, I think President Obama may be doing something right in all this. As US President, he had to authorize the firing of a Trident nuclear-capable missile from Saudi territorial waters. Saudi Arabia is the lead Sunni nation as it is the keeper of the Islamic religious sites in Mecca and Medina. All Sunni nations have just noticed that Saudi Arabia just made a very strong statement in support of the Western alliance. Firing a nuclear-capable missile from Saudi waters also sends a strong hint to Iran that Saudi Arabia is willing to host US nuclear weapons on its soil in any showdown with Iran. Obama may be forming an American/Western alliance with the Sunni Islamic nations to unite them against Iran, which desires to impose a Shiite Imperium on the Sunni nations. If so, that is good strategy on Obama’s part. It is also a development which has been expected in my previous blogs. In all fairness, the first link below states that the USA has denied the report of the missile being fired from Saudi waters, but this Israeli report states the Saudis have confirmed it. If the Saudis and Israelis agree that this event occurred, I think it occurred.

However, there is a huge complication that needs to be addressed. If the Saudis are formally tilting toward the West, the West needs some kind of accommodation between the Israelis and the Sunni Islamic nations. That brings us back to the endlessly fruitless “Mideast Peace Process.” Obama and the West have put much recent pressure on the Israelis to make even more concessions to the Palestinians, but the Israelis have had nothing but bad results from making such concessions. It is clearly time for an accommodation, but if the Saudis and Arab nations are now so afraid of Iran that they are willing to tilt to the West for their future survival, it is time for the Sunni Arab nations to compel the Palestinians to make real concessions this time. However, the Israelis will be expected to make some kind of reciprocal concession for the Arab leaders to satisfy the “Arab Street,” which is very volatile. An agreement which allows the Israelis to build a New Temple on the Temple Mount, places the Temple Mount under some kind of international jurisdiction and which makes peace between the Israelis and Sunni Arab nations would be very welcome to the West right now. Such an agreement might also fulfill some biblical prophecies about the end-times, as biblically-aware readers of this blog likely realize. We live in very momentous times.

My next blog will look at this situation from Iran’s point of view.