Recently, I saw a report in the establishment US media that inferred the Saudis were not really all that opposed to the nuclear deal with Iran. It turns out that report may have been mere propaganda to try and influence the pending votes in the US Congress on the nuclear deal (a “treaty” really) with Iran. The first link from just a few days ago reports that the Saudi press is calling vigorously for Saudi Arabia to quickly “develop [its] own military nuclear program.” The Saudi press wouldn’t be so vociferous about this course of action unless it was consistent with the Saudi government’s position. One report cited in the first link states that since “Iran has opened the [nuclear] door wide, we must not delay in breaking [the nuclear door] down, with all necessary speed.” That’s a very strong statement, and it indicates that Saudis will pursue a nuclear weapons capability at a rapid speed. The first link also reports the Saudis have recently signed agreements with France, Russia, and South Korea to build nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia. Oil-rich Saudi Arabia surely has no need whatsoever for more energy, so the nuclear reactors make sense only if intended for military purposes.

The Saudis may not wait for the domestic production of nuclear weapons. The second link and third link (from the Russian and Israeli media) report that Saudi Arabia is close to purchasing and/or taking delivery of an unspecified number of nuclear warheads from Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal (which was funded by Saudi money). I blogged on this possibility quite a while ago, and since the Saudis funded part of the Pakistani nuclear program, it makes sense they would have an agreement to take delivery of a certain number of Pakistan’s nukes when they choose to do so. This action may be denied in “official” statements, but it would be illogical of Saudi Arabia not to pursue this course of action.

Speaking of the Iranian nuclear deal, the last link indicates that the deal was not going to allow any western inspectors to have access to any Iranian military facilities. If that is true, then this deal with Iran is a true farce of the highest degree. If this proves to be correct (has anyone been allowed to actually read the agreement yet?), then all Iran has to do is locate its key nuclear weapons infrastructure on its military facilities and it could have nuclear weapons in rather short order. If inspectors only can have access to civilian facilities, then the Iranian deal is worse than a joke. It is a deceitful lie.

The Iranian nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration looks like a really bad deal, and it certainly is triggering a nuclear arms race in the Mideast. If the Iranians and Saudis will both have nuclear weapons, how can Egypt and Turkey not pursue such weapons as well?