In a development little noticed by the world’s media or its masses, there are continuing signs of a major realignment of alliances in the Mideast. The links below indicate that Saudi Arabia and Egypt are forming a stealthy, de facto alliance with the Israelis against Iran. Previous blogs at my website have long expressed an expectation that such a thing was not only possible, but likely. This expectation was based on Ezekiel 38, which offers extensive information about the alliances that will exist at the end of our age. Ezekiel 38 does not list the Ishmaelites (or any other nation descended from Shem or Abraham) as part of the Gog-Magog alliance. The Sunni Arab nations are the modern Ishmaelites.

Saudi Arabia and the Israelis are both deeply threatened by Shiite Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and both Saudi Arabia (as the Ishmaelites) and the Israelis (as Jews of the tribe of Judah) are descended from Abraham. Both national security interests and a blood relationship are pushing the Saudis and Israelis together against the Iranians. The first link indicates how close the Saudi-Israeli relationship is becoming. It states that “Saudi Arabia and Israel…share intelligence on a regular basis,” and “there are close ties between Saudi intelligence and the Israeli Mossad. Their heads…meet secretly several times a year, always in an Arab country outside the kingdom.” The first link also reports that the Saudis already have an accelerated nuclear program of their own operating at a remote location in Arabia called Khamis Mushait. It is my view that the more dilatory the efforts by President Obama and the West are re: Iran’s nuclear program, the more the Saudi nuclear effort will be accelerated to make sure the Saudis obtain nuclear weapons of their own. Indeed, a previous blog of mine cited a report that, given the past Saudi financial support for the Pakistani nuclear program, Saudi Arabia already may have a claim on a certain percentage of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons–which can be transferred to the Saudis whenever they demand them. If Pakistan shows further signs of internal destabilization, the Saudis may claim “their nukes” sooner rather than later.

The second link cites an unusual story which ran in the Egyptian press. A “semi-official Egyptian media source” originated a story which “glowingly profiled the director of the Mossad…as a hero who single-handedly delayed Iran’s advance on a nuclear weapon by ‘several years.'” This link also has a confusing comment about Egypt not agreeing to an apparent Saudi accomodation with the Iranians, but that comment makes no sense given the content of the first link (which is from the same blogsite). Everyone needs to realize that the Mideast is a place where geopolitical alignments can be very murky and cloaked with intended confusion.

There does appear to be a steady convergence of Saudi, Egyptian, and Israeli interests to work together vs. Iran. This cooperation may stay behind the scenes or it may emerge into an open alliance among these nations. The first link relates that the Saudis may secretly assist an Israeli strike against Iran. If Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Sunni Arab nations secretly assist an Israeli strike vs. Iran, then it will be harder for Obama and the USA to stop or oppose such a strike.

The final link below reports that there has apparently been a halt to Jewish settlements in Eastern Jerusalem. The report is murky about whether it is a new, official policy of the Israeli government or not. If it is a new Israeli policy, my personal belief is that it is not due to any pressure from the Obama adminstration (whose anti-Israeli attitude is largely countered already by a pro-Israeli Congress and a pro-Israeli American public). Any change in Israeli settlements policy is more likely, in my opinion, to be a result of behind-closed-doors agreements being worked out between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Israelis. You can be sure that the Israeli government is far more concerned about Israeli national survival than any Palestinian concerns. You can also be sure that the Egyptian and Saudi government are far more concerned with their own national independence from Iran and the survival of their own regimes than any Palestinian concerns. Look for more covergence among Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in their national policies re: Iran in the future. It appears to be happening already, but the world isn’t paying attention. This cooperation is also completely consistent with Ezekiel 38’s prophecy.