In a report that I’m rather sure that you will not be allowed to see on the major American evening news channels, a major Saudi Arabian bank “has warned the financial community of a decline of the dollar,” and “said the debt burden of the United States has reached the same ratio of Italy, deemed a default risk.” The information comes from a respected international media website.
Think about that opening statement in the above paragraph, and I urge you to re-read it and really let its importance sink in.
A major foreign holder of US treasury debt has warned that the USA’s debt level is now at a default risk level. It adds that bondholders should expect to receive their interest payments on time, but that bondholders will be receiving payments in dollars of declining value. It discusses the possible imminent loss of a AAA rating for US treasury bonds, a topic I posted on previously.
The Saudi bank warning correctly adds that the US dollar is the global reserve currency, and that this fact is propping up US government bonds. However, this report reveals that ever-more nations are becoming worried about the colossal level of US debt and the “gridlock” in the US federal government’s ability of willingness to correct its incredible debt burden. One wonders how many nations are saying the same thing behind closed doors that the Saudi bank said openly.
This report indicates one more major fracture occurring in the foundations of the current “Babylon the Great” system that is based on the current global banking/monetary system and the US dollar as its reigning global currency. One wonders how long the US dollar can maintain this status, given the incredible unwillingness of the US leaders to get control of the profligate debt levels that have long existed. For more details on these biblically-based identifications, I urge you to read my articles, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global Beast System?, and one that explains the Babylonian origin of the modern banking system, What Kind of “Captivity?”.